Buy your ticket Subscribe to newsletter now The keynote theme of DOMOTEX 2023 focuses on the current issues of the day, such as scarcity of resources, sustainability and health, as well as new market opportunities in an ever-changing environment, and on a new awareness of values. In collaboration with exhibitors and partners of DOMOTEX, the central theme provides forward-looking perspectives on the world of carpets and floor coverings. We feel at home where we perceive the beauty of a place with all our senses we have created ourselves. With colours, patterns and structures, we open up the possibility of showing much of what makes us who we are and would otherwise remain hidden. Because behind a design idea there is always the individual naturalness of the person. Celebrating this has always been the domain of DOMOTEX. Anyone coming to DOMOTEX in Hannover will literally have the world laid at his or her feet. Living consciously means not losing our footing when we pursue our goals. More and more is feasible, but what of all that makes sense? At DOMOTEX, valuable answers to this question will be given - answers with which the world of flooring can lay the foundations for conscious living. Answers to get in touch with other sectors that are pursuing the same goal.