DOMOTEX 2020, 10 - 13 January

Sarah Busching and Sarah Strenge

Read the biographies of interior design students Sarah Busching and Sarah Strenge, who are accompanying us as trend scouts at DOMOTEX 2019.

Photo: Sarah Busching and Sarah Strenge

"CREATE'N'CONNECT – the interplay between connectedness and "unplugged" creative autonomy. It's about boundless communication in the digital here and now – something intangible. The challenge is to make these complex connections visible and tangible, and not just by digital means, but analogue as well – in fact, primarily by analogue means. We're looking forward to experiencing the various facets of this theme in direct relation to floors at DOMOTEX 2019 and hence to engaging with them in a completely new way." Sarah Busching and Sarah Strenge, trendscouts DOMOTEX 2019


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About Sarah Busching und Sarah Strenge

Trend scout bio Sarah Busching

Born and raised in Halle, Germany, interior architecture student Sarah Busching describes herself as an explorer. She is currently studying for her Masters in Interior Architecture at Wismar University of Applied Sciences (HS Wismar), having commenced her Bachelor’s degree there in 2013. In her work, Bushing always conceives of spaces as combinations of materials, smell and sound. Hers is thus an intuitive, experimental approach that yields unique places of sensory experience and communication that lend themselves well to the exploration of complex themes. She values her study primarily as a locus of interaction and boundless possibilities – a source of inspiration and knowledge.

At DOMOTEX 2019, she will be presenting her innovative "A Match!" project at the Framing Trends showcase in Hall 9. The project consists of two swings, separated from each other by a partition, on which two people try to swing in unison. The swinging motions of both people are tracked and measured. If they full into unison, the two people get to see each other via video link – A Match!

Trend scout bio Sarah Strenge

Sarah Strenge, a native of Hamburg, has had a strong interest in architectural situations and creations from a very early age – a passion which in 2014 led her to study interior architecture at Wismar University of Applied Sciences (HS Wismar). Having completed her Bachelors degree, she is now studying there towards her Masters. In her work, Strenge focuses on creating rooms with exciting atmospherics and harmonies between design elements and lighting effects. She is currently developing holistic design concepts featuring out-of-the-ordinary materials for a boutique hotel in Northern Italy.

At DOMOTEX 2019, she will be presenting her playful, interactive "connect it" project at the Framing Trends showcase in Hall 9. The project is based on triangular plywood modules which are covered with carpet materials of various colors and which can be connected edge-to-edge with other modules to form three-dimensional shapes and sculptural forms. It facilitates interaction between the carpet materials and DOMOTEX visitors, thereby generating a constantly changing array of shapes and forms.