DOMOTEX 2020, 10 - 13 January
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Examples for creative connections around flooring

Renowned architects and interior designers create holistic interiors using products made by DOMOTEX exhibitors. At Framing Trends flooring exhibitors and companies will demonstrate their creative ideas in connection with the lead theme. Featuring a series of unique presentations and product presentations.

Creative connections around flooring

Interior projects like these demonstrate the importance of flooring within the context of holistic concepts in which materials, textures and colors are all connected. At the same time, they provide a vibrant illustration of the lead theme "CREATE'N'CONNECT" . Because the floor is a design element, it inspires us, provides us with orientation – and connects us.

Success Stories

Oriental Weavers produced oversized Axminster carpet

Oriental Weavers_The_Blackstone Hotel_Crystal_Ballroom_┬®Christopher Villano_1
Photo: Christopher Villano

The Blackstone Hotel was built in downtown Chicago 1910. For the interior design renovation of this iconic building, The Gettys Group created a concept that was new and modern, yet faithful to the Old World charm of the Chicago landmark's walls and ceilings. For the Crystal Ballroom, a much-favored venue for weddings, The Gettys Group contracted Oriental Weavers (Egypt) to custom create an oversized Axminster. The carpet is 80 percent wool, blended with 20 percent polyamide for extra wear resistance. The symmetrical pattern is redolent of giant waves – a clever play on the directly adjacent Lake Michigan that enhances the room’s unique feel.

Oriental Weavers will be back in Hannover for DOMOTEX 2019, where they will be showcasing their latest wondrous creations in machine-woven carpets

Showroom by Gebrüder Thonet Vienna shows classics and contemporary models

Battilossi®Galleria Battilossi und Gebrueder Thonet Vienna_4
Photo: Battilossi

The historic Viennese furniture design brand Gebrüder Thonet Vienna recently relocated its headquarters to a converted factory building in Turin. The headquarters features a showroom, where GTV's classic creations are staged in floor-to-ceiling display cases, flanked by contemporary pieces created in cooperation with big-name designers. For the interior design of the showroom’s grand entrance area, CEO Riccardo Pigati selected hand-made wool carpets from Galleria Battilossi, whose innovative "Pattern Mix" collection won a Carpet Design Award at DOMOTEX 2017. The carpets in this case are a one-off original from Galleria Battilossi’s "Color Jam Project" collection and a vintage Berber rug from the Beni Ourain region. Their yellow and beige tones connect with the color accents of the furniture on display to create an harmonious ensemble of old and new.

"Quality, craftsmanship, originality and authenticity are values that GTV shares with Galleria Battilossi," says Pigati. "This sense of connection is why we decided that Battilossi’s extraordinary carpets were the right choice for our showroom."

Snøhetta chose Chapel parquet flooring in three colours

Chapel_Parket_Bookstore®YME Studios_3
Photo: YME Studios

On the second floor of the YME Universe store in Oslo, a boutique women's fashion department and adjacent bookshop/café share the same parquet flooring.

For the design of the 330 sqm expanse of floor, the design team at YME Studios and the interior designers at the Oslo architecture and design firm Snøhetta chose the "Hermitage Herringbone" range from Chapel Parket. They selected the exquisite wood flooring in three contrasting tones because of its slightly rough surface and expressive interplay of colors. The black parquet elements link up with the window frames and bookshelves, while the warmer wood tones harmonize with the vintage sofa and the undressed timber beams and interior framing. Chapel Parket has exhibited at DOMOTEX on a number of occasions and will again be showcasing its characterful wooden floor products at DOMOTEX 2019.

SONO Skyline" collection from Classen rounds off the mix of old and new with excellent results

Classen Group_Hotel Villa Vie Cochem®Classen Group_2
Photo: Classen Group

Hotel Villa Vie is a boutique establishment in a heritage building located on the Mosel River in the German town of Cochem. Its proprietor, Theodor Steidel, designed and furnished the guest rooms himself, and each has its own distinctive charm. His vision combines antique furniture with modern design and carefully selected objets d'art. To complete the interior design and draw all the elements together, Steidel opted for the extremely hard-wearing, PVC-free synthetic plank solutions of the "SONO Skyline" collection by Classen. The deciding factors were the material’s durability, low-noise properties, convincing natural-wood look and low-sheen finish.

"The flooring fits in beautifully with the rooms’ mix of antiques and modern, high-quality furniture," says Steidel. "It’s happy to sit quietly in the background, but still manages to impress with its visual and haptic properties." When fitting out the rooms, Steidel says, he was looking for a "high-quality product that offered modern design and optimal protection against moisture." Hence he chose a flooring solution from the "SONO" collection for the bathrooms as well. The "SONO" collection was a featured innovation at a recent DOMOTEX show.

Sebastian Wrong by Fletco was first and only choice

Fletco_Playtech®Terje Ugandi_3
Photo: Terje Ugandi

Global software development company Playtech recently relocated its Tallinn operation to a new, 3,200 sqm office. The architect in charge of the office’s interior, Jan Skolimowski of architectural firm KAMP, says flooring was a key element of his design concept. One of the defining themes of the concept was the play button triangle motif in the blue Playtech logo.

"So I needed a commercial carpet whose pattern and color palette fitted in with the logo. The 'Sebastian Wrong by Fletco' collection was my first and only choice." Skolimowski chose dark-blue triangular carpet tiles for the central area of each room and lighter-colored tiles for the areas around the outer perimeters, effectively making each office appear even larger. The triangular shapes and blue tones of the flooring are echoed elsewhere in the interior design concept – in cushions on wooden bases, the main reception desk and decorative wall elements, for example. The end result is one of connectedness between floors, furniture and walls. London-based designer Sebastian Wrong first unveiled his endlessly configurable carpet tile collection for Danish manufacturer Fletco at DOMOTEX.

Almost joint-free thanks to installation materials from Uzin Utz

Uzin Utz_Allianz Stadium_Vienna®Forbo Flooring_2
Photo: Forbo Flooring

Rapid Vienna's new Allianz Stadion stadium was built in the space of just 17 months. That’s 17 months to build 10,000 sqm of floor and install 8,000 sqm of luxury vinyl flooring. The successful, on-time completion of the project was due in no small measure to the smoothly managed preparation of the subfloor using installation materials from Uzin Utz. The subfloor material, screed, is normally laid in fields of up to 40 sqm, but some of the fields in this project were as large as 300 sqm. That’s because the owner wanted the screed in the business lounge areas to be as joint-free as possible, so that vinyl could be laid in large unbroken runs, thereby achieving the uniform aesthetic effect envisioned by the project architect, Guido Pfaffhausen. To achieve this effect, all joints between the screed cement sections were bridged using RR 203 fiberglass crack reinforcement and then filled and sealed with a thin layer of NC 182 low-slump patching and repair compound. This approach meant that the screed could be installed free of cross-cuts and anchors – a key requirement of the interior concept.

Uzin Utz_Forbo Flooring_Allianz Stadium_Vienna®Forbo Flooring_1
Photo: Forbo Flooring

After sanding and priming, the installers then applied Uzin NC 160 self-leveling smoothing compound at a thickness of 2 to 3 mm using a trowel. The compound has low tension, excellent flow characteristics and creates completely level subfloors. The result is a very smooth, highly absorbent surface that reduces the amount of adhesive required for the vinyl. Consequently, the adhesive dries faster and is less prone to compression under load. After just one day, the leveled surface was ready to walk on. The installers were then able to sand it, cut the vinyl to size and install it.

Forbo Flooring wood and concrete-look commercial vinyl floor coverings in various shades were laid on both levels of the business lounge and in the hallways, aisles, conference rooms and VIP boxes. In the expansive lounge area, the concrete-look makes for a pared-back modern feel, while in the VIP boxes, the authentic looking wood patterns provide well balanced highlights. The vinyl was installed using Uzin KE 16 universal adhesive, resulting in a dimensionally stable surface that meets the stadium's aesthetic and functional requirements.

IntimacyBerlin - Cooperation between the Berlin-based Rug Star carpet label and the American dealer Christiane Millinger

Rug Star_The Ruggist_Christine Millinger_Intimacy Portland_1
Photo: Rug Star, The Ruggist, Christine Millinger, Intimacy Portland

Exhibitor Jürgen Dahlmanns, founder and creative head of the Berlin-based Rug Star carpet label, met American dealer Christiane Millinger at DOMOTEX and concluded an exclusive cooperation agreement with her for the Portland region in the American northwest. Together they developed the idea of continuing the IntimacyBerlin project – the staging of Rug Star carpets for photoshoots in the homes of friends in the United States. In September of 2017, Dahlmanns scoped out suitable locations in Portland, creating a screenplay with Millinger which they used to produce over 50 interior photos in May of 2018. Carpet blogger Michael Christie , a regular visitor at DOMOTEX, was thrilled to learn of the plans. He traveled to Portland from the East Coast for the start of production to go along with the photoshoots.

A sequel is planned soon. "This is yet another success story that shows how DOMOTEX excels at connecting the right people – people with a passion for their work", says Dahlmanns.

"MASTERPIECES" a project of Haghnazari Teppiche and Bulthaup Küchen Frankfurt

Hossein Rezvani_Haghnazari_Masterpieces_3
Photo: Hossein Rezvani, Haghnazari, Masterpieces

The "MASTERPIECES" event series is a joint project launched by Anoshirvan Haghnazari, Managing Director of the traditional enter-prise Haghnazari Teppiche and Alexander Klittich, Managing Director of Bulthaup Küchen Frankfurt. Haghnazari, who features modern Persian carpets from DOMOTEX exhibitor Hossein Rezvani in his collection, had the idea of presenting premium products from both companies in a temporary exhibition. At an initial event last September, Bulthaup’s new "b solitaire" product – a flexible furniture system that is based on a metal frame with height-adjustable levels for pull-out drawers as well as shelves and grid racks – was presented together with Rezvani’s hand-knotted unique items in Frankfurt at the Kunstverein Familie Montez art center. Carpets like "Shiraz Sabz", a winner at the Carpet Design Awards, were combined with Bulthaup shelves and display cases to create an exclusive collage-type presentation from which everyone benefited. Further synergies included reaching out to new target groups. In addition to lifestyle journalists and bloggers, the current customers of all the participating companies were invited – customers who are equally of interest to Hossein Rezvani, Bulthaup and Haghnazari due to their interest in high-quality interiors and open living concepts aimed at seamlessly merging kitchens and living spaces. "New ideas and perspectives allow various products such as exclusive kitchen elements and carpets to be put together to create holistic designs. This fits in well with the keynote theme", remarked carpet designer Hossein Rezvani. Due to the enthusiastic response received from the public, further such events are planned for 2019 in other German cities.

"Woven Forms" - A project of the Italian carpet manufacturer Amini and the New York-based “R & Company” gallery

Amini_R & Company_Dana Barnes_Retold_Tekke_Madder
Photo: Amini, R & Company, Dana Barnes, Retold, Tekke, Madder

The Italian carpet manufacturer and DOMOTEX exhibitor Amini cooperates closely with the New York-based "R & Company" gallery.

The joint exhibition project entitled "Woven Forms", featuring carpet objects from experimentally creative designers, was launched in May 2017. Since then, the collection has been continuously supplemented by new objects produced by Amini in limited editions. The "Snake Carpet” from the Californian Haas Brothers design collective is a recent creation. "Woven Forms" will be show-cased at the gallery, but also at other exhibition venues such as the Palazzo Benzon during the International Art Biennale in Venice. The practical and emotional connection of the artists with each individual craftsperson from India or Nepal who produced the carpets was a decisive aspect of the Amini-led project.
The challenge was to find the right artist for each drawing to be able to produce textiles true to the original design.

Stylistin Irina Graewe combines carpets from Edelgrund with the "Trio" range of sofas

Edelgrund_COR_Irina Graewe_4
Photo: © COR Sitzmöbel

Stylist Irina Graewe combines carpets from DOMOTEX exhibitor Edelgrund with the "Trio" range of sofas at a photo shoot of furniture manufacturer Cor. These images are used for brochures, advertising campaigns and the company's website. And Edelgrund, itself, uses the photos for all kinds of promotional purposes. Graewe developed the three interior styles "Copenhagen", "Tokyo" and "Marrakech" to stage the program. "For the Marrakech world, I immediately thought of carpets from Edelgrund, which I have used time and again for photo productions and exhibitions," she reports. To match the upholstery fabric, she chose carpets that harmonized with the reddish color palette of the upholstered furniture. The holistic staging, in which hand-made carpets and sofas complement each other to create a stylish living environment, creates a shared kind of storytelling with which both brands can position themselves as contemporary and tap into new target groups. "I like the Edelgrund carpets very much because they are of great quality and combine traditional craftsmanship with modern design," says Irina Graewe. "You can create a wide array of different worlds with them".

Canada's Studio Munge

Photo: Studio Munge, The Anndore House, Maxime Brouillet

Canada's Studio Munge has been part of a successful creative partnership with Creative Matters for many years, with numerous joint projects that include furnishing the lobby of the newly reopened Anndore House boutique hotel in downtown Toronto, which has an interior design characterized by Art Déco stylistic elements.

The pattern and color of the rugged, handmade carpets consisting of 100% New Zealand wool correspond to the furnishing and wall design to form a unified creative whole.Creative teams from both companies developed the harmonious color gradient and attractive texture of the carpets, whose loops merge into pile cut.

An octagonal carpet surrounds the reception table that is centrally located in the lobby. A second leads visually and functionally from the elevator vestibule to the lobby bar. Both are inlaid into the dark terrazzo floor and "tie the entrance's bold forms into a single holistic statement", says Alessandro Munge, founder of Studio Munge.

Chicago Design Network used Fletco carpet tiles to create connecting zones

Photo: Chicago Design Network, Hearn, Private Office Corridor, Scott Shigley

The interior designers at Chicago Design Network used Fletco carpet tiles to create connecting zones at the headquarters of HEARN, the well-known Chicago-based real estate company. HEARN, which acquired the office component of the mixed-use John Hancock building, commissioned the team to create a prestigious and contemporary workplace which would adequately reflect the building's world-class status. Together with interior designer Alessandra Branca, they chose the "Zenith" carpet from Fletco, which combines a bold look with durability and quality, because in heavily frequented areas such as corridors, the floor covering must be highly durable.

In the headquarters' cozy lounge, the broad striped carpet with its gray, ocher and beige colors visually ties into the textile surfaces of the bar stools and upholstered furniture. The geometric pattern blends into the overall design, while simultaneously enlivening it. "The great challenge in owning a classic in business", explains Steve Hearn, President and CEO of HEARN, "is to ensure it maintains its status as a profit center, and never becomes a non-performing museum piece".

The Norwegian architectural firm Snøhetta used hexagonal parquet elements from Townfield Flooring

Photo: Snøhetta Townfield-Flooring, Summit Bar Radisson-Blue-Hotel Oslo, Herman Ekendahl-Dreyer

The Norwegian architectural firm Snøhetta used hexagonal parquet elements from Townfield Flooring to redesign the Summit Bar on the 21st floor of the Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel in Oslo. The color of the natural, vividly grained American Walnut wood blends harmoniously with the color and materials of the couches and cushions in the floor-hugging seating landscape. Toward the window façade, the floor is raised to offer the best possible view of the city from any seat.

The interior designers chose the "Hexagon 580" program due to its strong graphic appeal and the walnut wood's "warm characteristics", said Project Manager Nina Bjerve Andresen, adding that the "centered shape of the non-directional parquet" also made it ideal.