DOMOTEX 2020, 10 - 13 January
Flooring Spaces

Rain of Stories


Hall 9, stand S11


As an intercultural team, M.A. Trading works in a very connected way, and sees design not just as an individual creative act but also as a shared endeavor and a crossroads of multiple areas of expertise.

"Rain of Stories" narrates the creation stories of various products both metaphorically and personally, and builds real connections between people by having the creators of the various products present.

In keeping with the rain idea, there are umbrellas, symbolizing special spaces for creativity and dialogue, beneath which visitors are invited to discuss materials, products and ideas and thereby jointly create something new.

M A Trading Inc. at DOMOTEX

At DOMOTEX 2019 you could visit M A Trading Inc. on-site and learn more about the latest products and services. more


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