DOMOTEX 2020, 10 - 13 January
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Keynote Theme


The current keynote theme at DOMOTEX is ATMYSPHERE – a term that describes the importance of floors for our overall sense of well-being. The special "Framing Trends" showcase in Hall 8 will explore every aspect of ATMYSPHERE in a highly creative and inspiring manner. In addition, this keynote theme will permeate the atmosphere of every exhibition hall and be tangible everywhere at the show.

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Good room acoustics, heat insulation, a pleasant tactile experience, good climatic and health-promoting properties, sustainability as well as natural and aesthetic furnishing details: good floor coverings are characterized by all of those properties. Floor coverings can be used to create enjoyable worlds of experience, providing contract floorers with the opportunity to fashion holistically conceived interiors. After all, floors form the basis of the rooms in which we live and work and create our own personal atmosphere. Their materiality and influence on our well-being are becoming increasingly important to interior design concepts.

With its new ATMYSPHERE keynote theme, DOMOTEX 2020 will present new products and a concentrated range of offerings to meet the growing demand for holistic health concepts.



Innovations, Trends and Inspirations - DOMOTEX 2020 shows itself entirely from its creative and innovative side.


Well Being

Floor coverings create an essential foundation for our residential and work environments – our feet, after all, are in constant contact with them. The quality, design, functionality and surface of floor coverings all have an influence on our personal impressions of any interior setting and contribute directly to our sense of well-being.



Interiors are significantly influenced by the acoustic or noise-insulating properties of floor coverings. Acoustic solutions are a key factor for open-plan offices or reception areas in particular. Some examples include high-pile carpets with a dense structure to dampen floor reflections and prevent any echo effects, or underfloor preparations for laminate or parquet flooring that optimize the acoustics, as well as wood paneling and natural stone walls that can also help with sound diffusion. Customized acoustic solutions for automotive and aircraft design are also in high demand.


Floor & More

The materials used for carpets and floors are climbing ever higher: By creating flowing transitions in the form of wall and furniture claddings, floor materials can create individual designs for an entire interior. Carpeting on walls or furniture and living textiles made of carpet and flooring materials can also make a significant contribution to the atmosphere inside your own four walls.

Sustainable Flooring

Sustainable Flooring

The lead theme of ATMYSPHERE draws on the megatrend of health. Floors can have a healthy impact – for example, by employing natural materials and pollutant-free raw ingredients and by relying on sustainable production processes that conserve natural resources.

Green Living

Green Living

Nature is making inroads into our residential living spaces in the form of carpets and other floor coverings made of natural materials like wood, bamboo, stone, vegetable or animal wool and silk. The urban jungle – i.e. the trend towards indoor plants, including on walls and facades, as well as floral patterns in designs are an added factor that can contribute to an individual sense of well-being.



Floor materials that flow from the interior to the exterior allow residential spaces to merge. Whether it involves stone or durable outdoor floorboards that can beautify a garden, or sports floors that contribute in their own special way to the user’s sense of well-being – outdoor areas become an extension of each person’s own private oases.

The Framing Trends display

The perfect setting for creativity and inspiration. Everything will come together at the Framing Trends display in Hall 8, where the keynote theme ATMYSPHERE is brought to life. In the modules Flooring Spaces , NuThinkers and Art & Interaction , manufacturers, interior designers, students and artists will showcase their spatial interpretation of the megatrend Well-Being. Their ideas know no boundaries: from workshops, WorkLabs and parcours to completely new room concepts, everything is possible. Featuring outstanding installations and innovative products, the creative hotspot will be a magnet for architects and interior designers. In addition, a first-class supporting program of talks, presentations, workshops and panel discussions makes Framing Trends the perfect networking platform.

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The "Framing Trends" special area in Hall 8 offers a unique opportunity for manufacturers, designers, artists and students to position themselves as trendsetters in the industry by displaying inspiring room concepts touching on the keynote theme.

An informative event program featuring talks and Guided Tours relating to the lead theme makes "Framing Trends" the heart of ATMYSPHERE and the hotspot for the entire event. Lifestyle-oriented visitors such as architects and interior decorators, designers and influencers – those are the influential target groups you’ll be able to reach in Hall 8.

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