DOMOTEX 2020, 10 - 13 January
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Strong contributions by architects and designers

DOMOTEX Talks: Manuel Jimenez García, Gilles Retsin

The rich supporting program of talks and presentations on the keynote theme provided further inspiration, and met with a very enthusiastic response on the part of exhibitors and visitors alike. Among the featured speakers were such renowned architects as Werner Aisslinger (Studio Aisslinger, Berlin), Andreas Krawczyk (NKBAK, Frankfurt/Main), Chris Middleton (KINZO, Berlin) and Jürgen Mayer H. (J.MAYER.H and Partners, Berlin). Intriguing architecture and design projects were presented and discussed, covering everything from initial conceptualization to the design process and on to production and sales strategies.

Daily guided tours led by big-name architects and designers such as Peter Ippolito (Ippolito Fleitz Group, Stuttgart), Jürgen Mayer. H. (J.MAYER.H and Partners, Berlin) and Susanne Schmidhuber (SCHMIDHUBER, Munich) gave visitors special insight into products and the show's keynote theme while putting them in direct touch with exhibitors of particular interest to them.

Bloggers and Influencers
Holly Becker and further Bloggers

The talks given by the internationally acclaimed interior design blogger and author Holly Becker from Decor8 also met with very enthusiastic audiences. Becker explained how DOMOTEX exhibitors could collaborate with bloggers to raise the market profile of their products. Together with other well-known bloggers, she also delved into the topic of tomorrow’s furnishing trends. The use of virtual reality as an interior design tool was an equally exciting topic in Hall 9, where many visitors donned virtual reality glasses to experience the many possible uses and benefits of this new technology.

Further inspiration was provided by the "Art Day Workshops" staged within the context of Framing Trends by Canadian design firm Creative Matters. Participants were invited to experiment with colors, coal, tint and wax on paper to create fresh new designs pertaining to the keynote theme, UNIQUE YOUNIVERSE. At the so-called floorCODES WorkLabs held by the Institute of International Trend Scouting (of the University of Applied Research and Art, Hildesheim, Germany), participants had an opportunity to apply the institute's "IIT HAWK" method to generate visionary scenarios for the future of floor coverings.

CDA Winners 2018
Carpet Design Awards: Winners 2018

The presentation of the Carpet Design Awards on the Saturday of the show was another highlight in Hall 9. These internationally renowned awards were given in eight different categories, in recognition of the world's most beautiful handmade designer carpets. Also worthy of special mention is that Hall 13 established itself as a new magnet for parquet layers and other floor-laying professionals as well as interior decorators and painters, while the many Treffpunkt Handwerk offerings gave skilled tradespeople a valuable source of tips and tricks for their everyday work.


After Show Report



DOMOTEX 2018 featured a fresher, more modern, trendier look and feel than ever. Running from 12 to 15 January in Hannover, Germany, the event sported an all-new site and hall layout, plus a new Friday-to-Monday run and an array of immersive displays exploring the lead theme of UNIQUE YOUNIVERSE. more


Highly international mix of attendees

More than 65 percent of the event’s 45,000 visitors came from abroad – around 60 percent of them coming from Europe, with some 25 percent from Asia and 11 percent from the Americas. more


Framing Trends showcase provided a huge source of inspiration

The special "Framing Trends" showcase in Hall 9 was where visitors could most fully experience the significance of "UNIQUE YOUNIVERSE" as the exhibition's keynote theme. more