DOMOTEX 2020, 10 - 13 January

Inspiration will be provided by a variety of lectures on the keynote theme of CREATE'N'CONNECT.

What impact does the megatrend connectivity have on the shaping of our environment? It goes without saying that floors play a significant role. They support us, inspire us and guide us. And they connect us.

Hall 9: Exclusive showcase for the future of flooring

CREATE'N'CONNECT embodies the interplay between traditional manufacturing techniques and modern designs, the multifunctional design of living spaces and smart flooring solutions. Showcase and experience the flooring of the future at DOMOTEX 2019.

These defining themes for the future of flooring will be presented and discussed in depth at the Talks on all four days of DOMOTEX. Each day's speaker lineup will include industry experts, founders of amazing startups and trailblazing next-generation designers. Each day, you will experience speed presentations followed by a moderated discussion group featuring leading figures from the manufacturing and reseller sectors of the flooring industry.

Impressions Talks 2019









TALK I - CONNECTED BY TECHNOLOGY (Friday 11 January | 13 - 15 h)

...from trans-disciplinary collaboration projects and co-creative planning processes to exquisitely designed and innovatively crafted floor coverings.

Connectivity is part and parcel of digitization and the societal changes that flow from it. It is a transformation process that is powered by a multiplicity of technological innovations and is affecting practically all areas of our lives. Digitally integrated processes around thinking, designing and building and the use of smart materials and new technologies are transforming buildings and products and shaping the way we work.
The TALKS at DOMOTEX 2019 will feature experts from academic and professional backgrounds, who will explain how digital transformation is opening up new creative and functional potential in all areas, including architecture, interior architecture and design. The scope of the TALKS ranges from trans-disciplinary collaboration projects and co-creative planning processes to exquisitely designed and innovatively crafted floor coverings.

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Franziska Eidner

Franziska Eidner , Moderator

Franziska Eidner is a co-founder of the Berlin communication agency EINSATEAM. A journalist and cultural anthropologist by training, Eidner is passionate about communication at the crossover points between architecture, design and urban planning.

Martin Tamke

Martin Tamke, Associate Professor, Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (Copenhagen)

Smart Structures
Martin Tamke has been engaged in research at the interface between computational design and design implementation at the Centre for Information Technology and Architecture (CITA) in Copenhagen since 2006. The primary focus of his research is on the behavior of materials and the design potential they enable. His research has led to extraordinarily bending-active membrane structures, such as the Isoropia project, an installation of over 40 m in length that was presented at the Danish Pavilion at the 2018 Venice Architecture Biennale. As a co-founder of the InnoChain ETN network, Martin Tamke facilitates design collaboration between universities, design and planning firms and business.

Photo: (c)2012 Steffen Jaenicke by courtesy of realities:united

Tim Edler realities:united (Berlin)

Brothers Jan und Tim Edler have been making a name for themselves as “mediatects” since the early 2000s with a series of large-scale art and hybrid-art installations, such as the spectacular BIX light-and-media façade they designed for the Kunsthaus Graz art museum. They are contracted as media artists for construction projects all around the world. For example, for the multiple-award-winning contemporary arts center in Córdoba (architects: Nieto Sobejano Arquitectos) they created a dynamic light-and-media façade.
For the Futurium (architects: Richter Musikowski) in Berlin they developed a lighting scheme that tracks and analyses visitor flows via motion sensors and uses the information to “accompany” visitors with their own individual light auras. And for the subway system in Toronto, realities:united created an interactive, touchscreen-controlled installation called LightSpell.

Bearbeitet_Sebastian_Herkner by Gaby Gerster_2jpg
Sebastian Herkner

Sebastian Herkner Studio Sebastian Herkner (Offenbach am Main)

Made in Offenbach
Back in 2014, Sebastian Herkner was hailed by the trade press as a “high-flyer of the design scene”. Fast forward to today, and he’s one of Germany’s best-known and most highly regarded product designers. At his studio in Offenbach, he designs furniture, lighting, homeware and other objects, combining modern forms and new technology with traditional craftsmanship. As a student he undertook an internship with Stella McCartney in London, where he honed the instinctive feel for surfaces and colors that now resonates in his many designs, be they lights, tables, sofas or rugs. Herkner’s popularity as a designer is attested by numerous collaborations with international furniture brands such as Cappellini, Dedon, Fontana Arte, Moroso, Thonet and The Rug Company. He has amassed multiple accolades over the years, including the 2011 German Design Award in the “Newcomer” category and the 2015 international EDIDA Award.


… from crossover design with strong aesthetic values to reinvented floor coverings and new perspectives on three-dimensional space.

Connectivity gives rise to new forms of community, economic activity and work. It transforms communication structures and makes enterprises and organizations more open – it has a strong social component. Planners and designers are responding to this trend and harnessing its design potential by adapting traditional forms and translating them into new ones. They have a newfound freedom to experiment, to mix and match, and to rethink materials and colors in a novel approach that is yielding new typologies and new uses. The result? Crossover design and strong aesthetic values that call for innovative forms of creation and production. The ideas and drivers behind these developments – whether expressed in the form of repurposed floor coverings or new perspectives on three-dimensional space – will be explained by selected international planners, designers and materials experts at the 2019 DOMOTEX Talks.

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May-Britt Frank-Grosse

May-Britt Frank-Grosse, Moderator

May-Britt Frank-Grosse writes as a freelance journalist for various architecture and design media. She is responsible for the communication of plajer & franz studio in Berlin and co-founder of studio_nf , an agency for content creation & communication.

Ester Bruzkus

Ester Bruzkus, Ester Bruzkus Architekten (Berlin)

Berlin-based architect Ester Bruzkus has a unique style that brings together a wide variety of influences and finds expression in narrative spaces and out-of-the-ordinary combinations of colors and materials. Using clean yet subtly accentuated lines to create opulence, she crafts interiors that are setting trends around the world. Her many projects include a bar and the Mani Hotel in Berlin for the Amano Group, a "fashion hub" for Zalando, and the restaurants Colette and Dragonfly for star chef Tim Raue. She is one of the driving forces behind the current unprecedented popularity of fusion architecture and interior design. Ester Bruzkus designed Berlin’s L.A. Poke restaurant, which has been an absolute magnet for foodies and design buffs since opening in the summer of 2018. Her pioneering mix-and-match spirit is also very much in evidence in her remodeling of her own apartment in the "Estradenhaus" building by Wolfram Popp – a setting that serves as a "one-on-one showroom" for customers needing a bit more convincing.

Assemble Group Photo
Photo: Louis Schulz by ASSEMBLE London

Louis Schulz

Louis Schulz is a founding member of Assemble, a multi-disciplinary architecture, design and art collective that is headquartered in and runs London's Sugerhouse Studios, a workspace for a diverse and vibrant creative community. Schultz’s philosophy is to design spaces that support creativity, collaboration and active participation by the public. In 2015, Assemble won the Turner Prize, Europe’s most prestigious award for contemporary visual arts, for its part in Granby Four Streets, a community-led project to rebuild and revitalize a neglected Liverpool neighborhood. For the 2018 Venice Architecture Biennale, Assemble partnered with the Liverpool-based ceramics manufacturer Granby Workshop to create "The Factory Floor", an installation comprising 8,000 handmade ceramic floor tiles, for the Chini Room in the Biennale's Central Pavilion.

Maarten Gielen
Photo: Maarten Gielen by Benjamin Brolet

Maarten Gielen, ROTOR Architects (Brussels)

Maarten Gielen co-founded the Brussels architecture collective ROTOR with Tristan Boniver and Lionel Devlinger in 2005. The multidisciplinary team uses practical research and curatorial methods to find ways of recycling and upcycling building materials and has documented its findings in a comprehensive guide. The collective's aim is to re-purpose used materials in new, aesthetically sophisticated contexts. The collective garnered worldwide attention with the design of the Belgian Pavilion at the 2010 Venice Architecture Biennale and in 2018 was nominated for the Schelling Architecture Prize.

TALK III - CONNECTED THROUGH EMOTIONS (Sunday 11 January | 13 - 15 h)

… everything, from mountain cabins at dizzying heights to holistic experiential spaces to unexpectedly familiar materials.

Connectivity is about agility, ongoing change and disruption – phenomena that are casting notions like New Values, Mindfulness, Tradition and Social Impact into ever-sharper relief. In these changing times, it is the power of emotion, “beauty” and the familiar that gives us structure and keeps us grounded. Emotional aspects are therefore essential to the creative processes of planners and designers. They flow through into spatial experiences that have a strong influence on our feelings – they can connect us, strengthen our sense of community and shape our own individual aesthetic preferences. At the same time, emotional spatial experiences can interact with exterior spaces, provide orientation, instill trust and familiarity and offer shelter and protection. Architectural concepts, interiors and designs characterized by strong emotionality and connectivity will be presented at the TALKS on day 3 of DOMOTEX 2019 in a program that ranges from mountain cabins at dizzying heights to holistic experiential spaces to unexpectedly familiar materials.

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Jasmin Jouhar

Jasmin Jouhar, moderator

Jasmin Jouhar is an author and freelance journalist. She writes articles on design and architecture for publications such as Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung, Ideat, Häuser, AIT and Baunetz.

portrait spela
Špela Videcnik

Špela Videcnik, OFIS Architects (Ljubljana)

Špela Videcnik co-founded OFIS Architects, Ljubljana, with Rok Oman in 1998. Over the years, the two have realized numerous buildings in their home country of Slovenia, as well as in Germany, the UK, France and Spain. One of the main focuses of their work is on the use of traditional building materials and careful interaction with the environment. Špela Videcnik is currently also teaching as a visiting professor at Harvard University, where she and her students have developed a design for two mountain huts in the Julian Alps. OFIS architects has also developed “Living Unit”, a flexible, modular relocatable cabin concept that has been showcased at various shows, including, in 2018, at the Salone del Mobile in Milan.

Thomas Burlon

Thomas Burlon, Brandlhuber+ Emde , Burlon / schneideroelsen (Berlin)

Thomas Burlon has been a partner of Brandlhuber+ Emde, Burlon since 2011. The architecture firm specializes in converting existing buildings and building on challenging sites that others consider unsuitable for development. Its projects always follow the principle of "complex pragmatism", and its philosophy values existing architectural structures as resources to be preserved, adapted and complemented. The firm has realized numerous new urban development and idiosyncratic architecture projects that have garnered major attention within Germany and abroad. Examples include a multiple-award-winning apartment block/art gallery ("Wohn- und Galeriehaus") complex in central Berlin, the conversion of a former textile warehouse to create an "Antivilla", the conversion of Berlin's former St Agnes church and community center into an arts and culture complex, and the recently completed "Lobe Block" complex in Berlin's Wedding district. Thomas Burlon has been operating his own architecture practice, schneideroelsen, alongside his work with Brandlhuber+ since 2013.

Katrin Greiling

Katrin Greiling, Studio Greiling (Berlin)

Katrin Greiling studied furniture design and interior architecture in Stockholm. She curates and designs exhibitions, works as an artistic director and photographer, and is Professor of Product and Interior Design at Saarland University of Art and Design (HBK Saar). Greiling's work methods and indeed her functionalistic and poetic aesthetic have been shaped by her Swedish design education and her time in Dubai. In 2018, she presented "Structures", an installation in exuberant colors created in collaboration with Kinnasand LAB, at the Kinnasand showroom in Milan. The installation takes rugs off the floor and elevates them to the status of furniture so that visitors can experience their textures and richness more closely.

TALK IV - NUTHINKER STAGE (Monday 14 January | 13 - 15 h)

The country needs new solutions, which is why students from the fields of design and interior design from three German universities will be presenting their innovative and visionary ideas involving the lead theme of CREATE'N'CONNECT at DOMOTEX 2019. At Talk IV Professors and students from the Trier University of Applied Sciences, the Wismar University of Applied Sciences and the Detmold School of Architecture and Interior Design will present their ideas and prototypes, which will also be on display at the special Framing Trends showcase in Hall 9.

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Jeannette Merker

Jeannette Merker, moderator

Jeannette Merker is an architect and co-founder of the Berlin communication agency EINSATEAM. She works at the crossover points between architecture, city and society, specializing in architecture communication. Merker taught for six years at the Faculty of Architecture, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, and continues to share her profound understanding of space and communication with the next generation of architects.

Guided Tours: NuThinkers

  • Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Ingo Krapf and students
  • Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Oliver Hantke and students
  • Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Frank Nickerl and students
  • Open plenum with the NuThinkers

PANEL DISCUSSION (Saturday, 12 January and Sunday 13 January)

Holly Becker, Bloggerin

Holly Becker

How To Work With Influencers Online To Market Your Brand and Products

Saturday, 12.01.2019 | 10.30 - 11.30 h
Have you ever wondered how to connect with online influencers to help you to promote your products to their audience? Are you unsure how to approach them? What to look for? How to verify whether or not they are legitimate and have a good reputation? Do you wonder who to approach? Are you curious to learn about how they work with brands, their fees, and what is involved? This panel of European design influencers from Italy, The Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and Germany, moderated by Holly Becker from the United States (who now resides in Hannover) will help you to learn all about working with influencers.

Interiors Trends for 2019 and Domotex Fair Favorites

Sunday, 13.01.2019 | 11.00 - 12.00 h
Are you curious to learn about the trends for 2019 when it comes to interiors and also flooring? Are you interested in learning? Our influencer panel will discuss the trends they are seeing and also show you their favorite rugs and floors spotted at Domotex that fit the trends for 2019.

Michael Christie, Jürgen Dahlmanns and Christiane Millinger

Rug Star Inside Intimacy Portland Trio Michael Christie Jurgen Dahlmanns Christiane Millinger - facebook social crop

Rug Star | Intimacy Portland

Sunday, 13.01.2019 | 15.00-16.00 h
Jürgen Dahlmanns of Rug Star and Christiane Millinger of Christiane Millinger Oriental Rugs and Textiles join moderator Michael Christie, The Ruggist, and Editor of Rug Insider Magazine in conversation as the trio discuss Rug Star's 'Intimacy Portland' photography series. Shot in collaboration with Millinger in Portland, Oregon over ten days in May of 2018, the series expands upon the original 'Intimacy Berlin' series to present Rug Star carpets in the context of a decidedly American vernacular. How did the collaboration come to be, How do the photos convey the 'essence' of the carpets? And how can connecting with others, be they designers, retailers, or commentators, foster creativity? The conversation will explore these ideas and more as Christie - who wrote about the project for Rug Insider Magazine - guides the discussion to provide a look inside Intimacy Portland.