DOMOTEX 2020, 10 - 13 January
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Award Ceremony

Carpet! awards exemplary dealers with the Carpet Stars

Carpets are beautiful, versatile products. Presenting and selling them in a correspondingly atmospheric way – that in turn is a highly demanding task.

Award ceremony 2019

At the DOMOTEX flooring fair, the trade magazine Carpet! (SN-Verlag, Hamburg) rewarded five retailers who mastered this task brilliantly: in different ways, with some very different carpet ranges and in different retail types. Editor-in-chief Tim Steinert presented them with Carpet Stars for their exemplary performances.

This year's award winners are:

  • Lila Valadan (Lila Valadan, Hamburg), in the category "Exemplary Customer Event": In her warehouse in Hamburg's Speicherstadt (a historical warehouse district), she presented her high-quality carpets in a very atmospheric way and thus conveyed the "fascination of carpets" to a wide audience.
  • Reza Ahstari and Wendy Guns (Ashtari Carpets, Antwerpen), in the category "Exemplary Website": Their very attractive homepage is reminiscent of an interior decorating blog and awakens the viewer's curiosity about their exclusive carpet shop.
  • Möbel Pfister, in the category "Exemplary Carpet Department". In its particularly successful and well thought-out carpet departments, the Swiss chain store focuses on high quality, professional sales advice and modern presentations.
  • Roz Rustigian, in the category "Exemplary Rug Specialist Shop". In her shop Rustigian Rugs in the US state of Rhode Island, she sells high-quality new and antique carpets. Roz Rustigian impresses with her extensive knowledge, her openness to new developments and her social commitment.
  • Edi Kistler, for his lifetime achievements. Kistler is not only a committed retailer; he also significantly helped to introduce nomadic carpets to Europe, where many people grew to love them for their distinct beauty.

From 2018 on, Carpet! magazine presents the Carpet Stars annually at DOMOTEX. With this award for exemplary commitment in the retail trade, the magazine also aims to motivate and inspire other retailers.


Alexander Wurst (Senior Vice President, Deutsche Messe AG) welcomed the participants of the Carpet Stars award ceremony on behalf of DOMOTEX.


Tim Steinert + Lila Valadan Lila Valadan received an award from Carpet! editor-in-chief Tim Steinert for her collection presentation event that appealed to all the senses.


Mohammad Mohammadzadeh In his laudatory speech on Ashtari Carpets (Antwerp), Mohammadzadeh summed up the importance of the Internet for bricks-and-mortar retailers.


Wendy Guns + Reza Ashta Wendy Guns (centre right) and Reza Ashtari (centre left) were awarded the Carpet Star 2019 for their particularly well-designed website.


Frank Dornacher (Paulig Teppiche) hielt die Laudatio auf den Gewinner des Carpet Star 2019 in der Kategorie "Vorbildliche Teppichabteilung": Möbel Pfister, Schweiz


Category Manager Stefan Amstad (centre) accepted the award for his employer Möbel Pfister.


Stefan Amstad In his acceptance speech, Stefan Amstad (Category Manager Carpets, Möbel Pfister) focused on the great importance of his motivated team.


Rob Leahy Rustigian Rugs is the winner of the 2019 Carpet Star in the category "Exemplary Rug Specialist Shop" and Leahy was given the laudation.


Roz Rustigian She has been a carpet retailer and puts her heart and soul into it. Her specialty store Rustigian Rugs was awarded the Carpet Star by Carpet! magazine


Reza Zollanvari In his laudation Reza Zollanvari (Zollanvari) gave insights into the life's work of Edi Kistler.


Dori Egger She accepted the prize on behalf of the Swiss retailer Edi Kistler for his life's work.


Tim Steinert (editor-in-chief of Carpet! magazine), Dorli Egger, Reza Zollanvari (Zollanvari).


Winners 2019