Tobias Biermann, Parquet Layer, Spechtparkett / Frank Doric Parkettboden, Hannover, Germany:

"This is my second visit to DOMOTEX in Hannover. The first time I was still in training as a parquet layer, but now I'm a journeyman and am visiting DOMOTEX 2020 with several coworkers from my company. We also let our trainees attend DOMOTEX, because they can find interesting new work techniques here that are useful for our daily construction work. We took a look at the Treffpunkt Handwerk skilled trades corner in particular, because that is a great place to pick up new ideas. I also took advantage of my visit to DOMOTEX 2020 to meet with my peers. Last year, for example, I took part in the German competition for parquet and floor layers and I look forward to meeting visitors from other parts of Germany again. What I also find interesting at DOMOTEX 2020 are new developments for occupational health and safety, such as extraction systems and ionization equipment for binding dust. After all, your lungs are precious – and this is the place I have learned about new technologies which I plan to introduce at our firm. In general, we are highly open to innovations, which is why we come here to get new ideas – to increase our productivity and develop new work techniques. I also found it interesting to see how the Parquet Work Camp at DOMOTEX 2020 helped inspire the next generation of craftspeople. For me as a skill tradesperson, DOMOTEX is an exciting event that is always worth visiting."

Jörg Kusch, Master Parquet Layer and Managing Director, Rodgau Parkett, Rodgau, Germany:

"This is my first visit to DOMOTEX in Hannover. As a master parquet layer, I've been working in the industry for 30 years and am managing director of a small company. Due to time constraints, I have never managed to visit DOMOTEX before. Now I am using my visit to DOMOTEX 2020 to meet my suppliers and to see the latest innovations from the industry. It is very helpful to be able to get a good overview simply by looking at different stands. Of course, I also specifically visit companies which are already business partners, such as Lägler or Witte. I can well imagine visiting DOMOTEX in Hannover regularly in the future to find out about new products and meet suppliers."

Michael Massmann, National Sales Manager & Vice President, Textile Trading Group, Winter Park, USA:

"As visitors, we come to DOMOTEX in Hanover to discover new and unique merchandise that can inspire us and our customers. We come here to be inspired in terms of colors, patterns and textures. In the USA, for example, we currently see many construction and gray tones in carpet colors, but DOMOTEX has an absolute pioneering role. The new trend colors of tomorrow and the day after tomorrow are already being shown here. Naturally, we also want to build new and, above all, long-lasting customer relationships and refresh and revive existing contacts with customers and suppliers. Since our company was founded three years ago, we have always come to DOMOTEX and will continue to do so. We will be at DOMOTEX 2020 throughout the event and we are delighted with the excellent organization of the show, which is better than anything we have ever seen."

Emilio Gestera, Managing Director, Gestera Noriega S.L., Cantabria, Spain:

"This is my second visit to DOMOTEX in Hannover. I just came here from the 'Heimtextil' fair in Frankfurt, so I’m combining the two trade fairs on this trip to Germany. I must say that here, in Hannover, there are not only many more visitors, but the range of products and services also appears to be more attractive. As a Spanish distributor, I have some fixed appointments with my partners at DOMOTEX 2020, but I also look around the show in general, especially the hard floor coverings sector, and am once again impressed by the breadth of the product range on show in Hannover."

Petra Beaumon, Textile Designer and Proprietor, CREARTE BEAUMON, Bissegem, Belgium:

"I've been attending DOMOTEX in Hannover ever since my student days, i.e. for more than 20 years. Back then, I took part in a design competition, won it and have remained loyal to DOMOTEX ever since. I meet my customers here and have a busy schedule during the fair. However, I also have to say that, unfortunately, more and more exhibitors with whom I used to work in the past are leaving. Personally, I am missing a bit of inspiration at DOMOTEX, the thing that brings designers to Hannover. Nevertheless, I'll be returning to DOMOTEX next year – in the hope of successfully continuing the developments I’ve recently initiated."