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Lina Brauisute, Sales Manager Fifth Corner, Ukrain

"The goal of DOMOTEX for me and our company from Ukraine is to find new partners with good quality and the best price for our marketing in our country. And I think, people from all over the world can come here and find something new for each company, because it is a really nice opportunity to have a nice meeting and for future marketing all over the world."

Jan Willard, Owner/CEO Willard Yacht Carpets, Netherlands

"For me, you have to maintain knowledge of the carpets, the new inventions, the new ideas. That is important. And to see the regular people you are dealing with every year. But you don’t see them during the rest of the year, because they come from all over the world. And this is a place where everybody is coming together. So, you see all your carpet friends at the DOMOTEX."

Tabish A. Ansari, VP of Product Development ZOHA, India

"DOMOTEX is an international exhibition, so a lot people come here. We see a lot of products here. We learn a lot, we meet buyers and suppliers and we get to know a lot of things currently going on in the market.
Over the years, we’ve seen a lot of young blood coming in to the different kinds of businesses - from floorings, to carpets, and a lot of other products. It’s a good positive vibe that we see the young blood is coming in. And it is a good environment altogether.
We want to find the best of the best products. The best of the best buyers who could buy products and then to look out for something which is very exclusive. To be on top of the game altogether."

Jan Simnovec, Director KODA Interior

"I think that DOMOTEX is the one and only opportunity to see what Europe has to offer now. It’s the best possibility to really meet your suppliers and manufactures in person. And to really get a feeling about the products, touch them with your own hands. Yes, I think this personal touch, that is the thing that really matters."