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Bernhard Reinkemeier, Managing Director Franz Reinkemeier, Germany

"DOMOTEX is unique, because it is about flooring only. It's a B2B fair, there are only professionals here. Here you can really talk and discuss with experts and that is what distinguishes DOMOTEX. When we come to DOMOTEX with our entire team, we are highly motivated and all the big customers, the German customers, the big DIY chains, the big furniture buyers, the specialist stores, but also the international ones all come to DOMOTEX and meet here. It's actually a big family, with DOMOTEX, with Deutsche Messe AG. It's great fun meeting here together."

Myriam Ragolle Managing Director Ragolle Rugs, Belgium

"Here, we show our new collections. They're actually not finished until December 31st. We really work with a focus on DOMOTEX. Here, we have the possibility to show everything live. DOMOTEX offers us the opportunity to see our worldwide customers within four days and to present our innovations. It's impossible to do that by travelling. We can only do this by showing our products here and meeting our customers from all over the world. We can also make contacts with new customers from all over the world. This makes DOMOTEX unique."

Geert Vanden Bossche, Marketing Director Balta Group, Belgium

"The rug business is a global business and this is the best place to connect with people and customers from around the world. We can show them our new innovations and new collections for the coming year. And we can meet in four days. In only four days we can meet with a lot of customers, giving a good return to our investments.
We have been loyal to DOMOTEX since the very beginning of the show and it always creates a buzz or a positive feeling for the people and customers visiting Balta. It’s the ideal platform to show them the innovations and the new collections we have. It’s less about selling immediately. It’s about your product innovation and product introductions."

Maurizio Battilossi, Owner Galleria Battilossi, Italy

"What I come here for is to understand - I can talk to professionals that understand this business the way we mean it, the way we intend to pursue it. The crossing of different experiences that DOMOTEX enables us to go through - different backgrounds from different people, interior designers, specialists, interior store owners. That allows us to make a confrontation that is necessary today. The carpet field is very specialized and in order to be more successful – and this is more interesting for us, anyway – you should be open to different experiences and to different backgrounds."

Maik Evers, Application Engineer MAPEI, Germany

"DOMOTEX is still a must, because there is a very large international audience here. That makes it very interesting for us. And what we've also noticed: Many of the trade layers still see DOMOTEX as the trade fair for flooring, whereas other trade fairs cannot keep up with the quality. And that's why it's always nice to be here.
It is actually the high professional level. The conversations you have here. The market partners you meet here are easy to talk to."

Fabian Kölliker, Head of Marketing Swiss Krono Group, Switzerland

"We are very satisfied with the number of visitors. We have very good international visitors, from many countries, who give us very good feedback. We are really very happy with the success we have had so far.
We have been a part of DOMOTEX for a long time. As I said before, because it attracts an international clientèle. Because the range is also very good. Because you can meet curious people, see new potential customers. And because the environment here is very positive and professional. And that's why we like to be represented here every year."

Muriël Staelens, International Marketing & Communications Manager Rubio Monocoat, Belgium

"DOMOTEX is the most important fair of the year for us. It’s the place where all our importers also come to. Once a year, we meet everybody here at DOMOTEX and we present our new products here. It is the most important event of the entire year. It is a really good vibe we have here. That also has to do with our people that come. It’s really a family atmosphere. We always look forward to it every year."

Roland Schleif, Sales Manager Eugen Lägler, Germany

"DOMOTEX is important to us. Firstly, nationally, because we do a lot of direct sales, especially in the northern area. It's pretty important that we meet our customers here. And we really do meet them here at the fair. And we use DOMOTEX for our international customers. Everyone we operate commercial distribution with. Most of the contacts we have with people over the year are at DOMOTEX.
And we got great feedback on our machine and superb sales generated on the first day.2