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Thomas Paulig, Managing Director, Paulig Teppichweberei GmbH, Schwarzach, Germany:

"DOMOTEX is the one opportunity we have each year to meet our regular customers from Germany and from around the world at one convenient location. We feel very honored that our customers, many of whom have to travel long distances to get to Hannover, have once again made a point of visiting us at our stand. With its comprehensive line-up of exhibitors, Hall 3 is an outstanding location for us. We have yet to evaluate the amount of traffic at our stand, but our impression is that our exhibits attracted lively interest from our customers, and we look forward to following up new leads. 2020 is our 75th anniversary – a major milestone which we celebrated with a party at our stand. This was yet another opportunity for in-depth dialogue with our customers in a relaxed environment. We find the ATMYSPHERE keynote theme of this year’s show very inspiring and in keeping with the current Zeitgeist. The issue of sustainability it raises certainly is a worthy one that all of us in the industry should take to heart. I note that ATMYSPHERE is reflected in the many creative ideas involving recycling, resource conservation and natural materials that I see here at the show – ideas that will no doubt inspire many others to follow suit."

Ines Alexandra Riener, Head of Marketing & Communications, Tisca Textil GmbH & Co KG, Thüringen, Austria:

"Tisca is a regular exhibitor at DOMOTEX. Last year our stand was located in Hall 9. This year the new hall layout plan has brought us to Hall 3. Each of our carpets is made to order. Our customers can choose from 26 structures and 96 colors, which gives them endless options to find their dream combination. DOMOTEX is the perfect platform for showcasing our vast design potential. It’s also the ideal place to meet with our customers and introduce them to the latest trends, such as 'minimalism' and 'candy' colors. We are also displaying selected carpets inspired by this year’s DOMOTEX lead theme, ATMYSPHERE, at the Framing Trends showcase in Hall 8. Social media are another key communication channel for us, and we are meeting with a group of bloggers here at the show. The meet-up was organized by Deutsche Messe, and we would welcome more of these types of networking initiatives in the future."

Bernhard Reinkemeier, Managing Director, Franz Reinkemeier GmbH, Rietberg, Deutschland:

"We are very happy with DOMOTEX 2020. The show got off to a good start right away on Friday, and it hasn’t slowed since. For us, DOMOTEX is the highlight event of the year because this is where we get to meet all of our partners – and not just from Germany, but from all around the world. We also use the show to keep tabs on what’s happening in the industry and to gather information about potential suppliers. We like the conceptual evolution that DOMOTEX has undergone – the new layout plan is well-conceived and is also meeting with widespread acceptance. The show’s infrastructure and organization have always been excellent, of course. The ATMYSPHERE keynote theme and the associated press coverage fits in very well with our own focus on issues such as sustainability and individuality. We welcome these supporting measures because they help us to achieve our objectives. I am also an avid follower of DOMOTEX’s excellent social media channels, such as Instagram and Facebook. My response to the occasional calls for DOMOTEX to adopt a two-yearly cycle is this: I am decidedly in favor of retaining the current annual format. While this does demand considerable commitment from exhibitors, it’s a commitment we welcome because we think it’s very important to have a forum such as DOMOTEX, where the entire global industry comes together once a year to dialogue and compare notes."

Joke Hoorens, Product & Marketing Manager, Balta Home, Balta Industries NV, Avelgem, Belgium:

"For Balta Industries' Balta Home division it’s crucially important to exhibit at DOMOTEX. We are very export-oriented, and DOMOTEX is a truly global show where we can meet customers from all around the world. That's why it was an absolute must for us to be here at DOMOTEX 2020. What’s more, the annual show cycle works very well for us because we release two complete collections every year. In fact, we use DOMOTEX as a deadline of sorts – for finalizing our first collection of the year. This year, we are exhibiting some 750 different carpets at our stand, but even this number is only a fraction of our current collection. Our highlight exhibit is our range of carpets made from recycled materials, such as PET bottles and waste from cotton production. The range reflects this year’s ATMYSPHERE keynote theme, which is concerned with sustainability and the environmental footprint of the floor coverings industry. Some markets are still not open to carpets made from recycled materials, but we want to do our bit to help prepare the way. DOMOTEX 2020 has been a unique opportunity for our customers to learn about and draw inspiration from our new carpets. In our view, the carpet business is growing at present, and around 20 percent of it is now conducted online, which makes having a presence at a big and highly international showcase such as DOMOTEX all the more important. That’s why we will most certainly be back again next year. As always, we are very pleased with the excellent organization of the show and the support we receive from the DOMOTEX team. The same goes for the outstanding presentation of our sustainable products on Deutsche Messe’s various communication channels."

Martin Brettenthaler, CEO/Chairman of the Executive Committee, SWISS KRONO Group, Lucerne, Switzerland:

"For us as the world's biggest manufacturer of laminate flooring, DOMOTEX is one of the most important trade shows of the year and therefore a permanent fixture in our tradeshow calendar. This year's ATMYSPHERE keynote theme puts the spotlight on issues such as wellbeing and ambiance. It's a good fit for us because we, too, work hard to enable our customers to create personalized, stylish and natural living spaces that are uniquely atmospheric. Given the public discourse on healthy living, naturalness and sustainability, the theme is well chosen and will no doubt serve as a source of inspiration for the whole industry. All this is ultimately reflected in the high quality of the show’s attendees, who are diverse, international and highly professional. As in previous years, we are very happy with this year’s event."