A great Contribution to the export target of the carpet industry for 2022 from DOMOTEX Turkey

DOMOTEX Turkey, an event bringing the companies and professionals from the carpet and flooring industries together after 3 years of break, took place at Gaziantep Middle East Exhibition Center with the participation of 216 companies at approximately 25.000 sqm stand area. 18.250 visitors from 103 countries in total visited the exhibition, where 3.130 of them were international. 25% visitor increase occurred compared to the previous edition before pandemic.

The Trade Fair, which enjoyed a huge interest, provided a perfect environment for the promotion of the latest products and technologies, from machine-made carpets and rugs to textile floorings, from laminated flooring materials to hand-made carpets and rugs.

Being the center of carpet and flooring industries exhibition in Turkey and the Middle East, DOMOTEX Turkey hosted 168 companies from Turkey, as well as 48 foreign companies from 14 countries, including Germany, Belgium, United Kingdom, Iran, Egypt, Oman and Jordan. The companies showcased new designs and technologies in the carpet and flooring industries. DOMOTEX Turkey provided, at the same time, many opportunities for many occasions in respect of making business contacts with a growing number of foreign participants at an international level.

B2B Meetings and New Generation Online Matchmaking System Featured at the Fair

Organized with the support of Turkish Republic of Ministry of Trade and Southeast Anatolian Exporters Association, DOMOTEX Turkey welcomed buyers from countries including Bulgaria, Czechia and India within the scope of the Buyer Delegation Program. The international buyers met the exhibitors of DOMOTEX Turkey on 15th of May at the fairground. In total 30 meetings were held during the B2B Meetings.

In addition, online B2B Matchmaking was also another first at DOMOTEX Turkey and over 70 fruitful meetings were held between the visitors and exhibitors.

Designs stood out that year’s edition

Being a visual show this year, carpets from abstract to futuristic designs stood out during the exhibition. Materials to designs, DOMOTEX Turkey has been a great inspiration for the design and carpet world.

Carpets impressed from Dali or Picasso paintings, containing the design of the stone of peace and positive energy, Amethyst; carpets produced from the waste materials as well as other machine-made carpets attracted a great attention.

"We have proudly carried out a quite successful trade fair for the carpet sector after 3 years of break. DOMOTEX Turkey has already become an influential player thanks to its contribution to the growth in this sector. DOMOTEX Turkey made great contribution to the export target of the carpet sector in 2022 which is 4 billion dollars."

Pointing out that sustainable, eco-friendly, and green production outputs have attracted huge interest at this year’s exhibition, Ms. Klar added:

"Sustainability is essential for all of us. It is of vital importance for our world and all of us that any products and services produced and supplied must be eco-friendly and sustainable. And most of the products exhibited this year, turned out to be new-generation and recycled ones. Similarly, stand designs were in the same fashion, as well. We witnessed that carpets produced using environmentally-friendly technologies as well as with recycled materials have all enjoyed a huge interest from the visitors. It gives us the pride to see that DOMOTEX Turkey has made a significant contribution on this quite important aspect."

DOMOTEX Global Director, Sonia Wedell-Castellano added the following about the fair; "After 3 years break, I am so grateful to be back in business again. Finally, we offer this platform, which is bigger than ever, to our international exhibitors and visitors. And this is a huge success. Preparations for the next DOMOTEX event continue. I look forward to meeting you at DOMOTEX Hannover on 12-15 January 2023."

Gaziantep, a province of Turkey that is considered to be the capital city of machine-made carpets, and which is capable of weaving 58% of all machine-made carpets produced in Turkey, alone, DOMOTEX Turkey stands out as the most prominent trade fair of the region every year.

The next DOMOTEX event, DOMOTEX asia / CHINAFLOOR, will take place in Shenzhen, China between 31 August-2 September 2022. DOMOTEX, as well, will take place between 12-15 January 2023 in Hannover with the theme of "Floored by Nature".