DOMOTEX 2019, 11. - 14. Januar


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UVElite RES is commercial-grade, ceramic fortified finish that uses UV light to quickly restore and provide our most durable protection to resilient floors. UVElite RES represents a completely new and cost-effective approach to renovating and maintaining homogeneous sheet vinyl and linoleum floors, LVT, and VCT. Using the power of UV light, we can quickly resurface resilient floors to restore lasting beauty and protection even to heavily damaged resilient floors. In addition, UVElite RES makes floors extremely easy to clean, and eliminates the cost of maintaining floors using conventional approaches like polish and wax. Once cured, UVElite RES coated floors are immediately ready for full use. The photoinitiator cross-link that is established when cured with UV lamp is extremely durable and tough. UVElite RES is a protective layer designed to quickly create exceptionally-durable resilient floors.

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