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UNISIL is a prepolymer based, single-component adhesive
with a silanic termination (MS technology), totally free
of water, solvents, amines, tin, isocyanates and epoxy
resins. It hardens with atmospheric humidity and becomes
resistant to water, temperature and ageing in approx.
36-48 hours. Recommended for gluing pre-finished
parquet onto marble, grit, tiles, ceramic or marble-chip
floor, etc. Also suitable for gluing parquet onto underfloor
heating and cooling system. CERTIFICATES: EC1R;
ATTESTATION CCA-Environmentally Compatible Product
(Certificate issued by Department BEST - Politecnico of
Milan CCA Registration No. 201216); Sound Reduction (CSI
Test Report No. 0056/DC/ACU/06); Heat conductivity (CSI
Test Report No. 0020/DC/TTS/06).

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