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In offices, schools, hotels, healthcare facilities, shops, public buildings and much more, our yarns continue to prove their great durability, year after year. Some of the world's largest tufters and weavers know why: we offer the lowest pile weight on the market, yet the bulkiness of our yarns is unmatched. ...weiterlesen

Automotive yarns

In this fast-changing segment, we continuously develop yarns that are lighter, softer and more durable. Thanks to these market-driven innovations, you can always count on the latest top-notch automotive yarn. Premium cars come with superior yarns. Our polyamide or polypropylene yarns, used for flooring, ...weiterlesen


As a leading supplier in the residential market, our yarns are used for nearly all residential applications. Carpets, wall-to-wall products, rugs, carpet tiles, bath mats, door mats and so on: whatever you have in mind, we offer a superior yarn with outstanding properties. We think with you about your ...weiterlesen

Polypropylene and Polyamide Yarn

We offer high-quality yarns tailored to industrial applications across several niche markets: electrical cabling systems, plastic bags, paint brushes, and much more. Thanks to our many years of experience in the yarn industry, we know all about the benefits of yarn and how they can optimise your manufacturing ...weiterlesen

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