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Companies can call on Fedustria for services at economic level:
Origin certification and custom regulations, counseling upon application for government support (expansion laws, export support, subsidies for projects and technological innovation research), permanent follow-up of the economic situation in the sector (fast statistics, conjuncture notes, Edwin, etc.), financial comparisons based on annual accounts, market studies and surveys, follow-up of juridical and tax issues and organization of workshops and seminars.

Companies can call on Fedustria for services at innovation level: Online database of designers, selection of designers for companies, guide companies in product innovation, publication of the 'Optimo' newsletter, market studies and surveys, collective stands and presentation stands at domestic and foreign fairs, publication of promotional brochures and organization of an annual colloquium for innovation, annual trend seminar, other seminars and workshops.

Companies can call on Fedustria for services at export level:
Counseling upon application for export support, collective stands and promotion stands at domestic and foreign fairs, assistance when participating in fairs in Belgium and abroad, organization of individual and collective study & prospecting journeys abroad and advertising inserts in Belgian and foreign professional magazines and publication of promotional brochures.

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