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ART 600S Wool

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A very compact and stylish Color Reference System with 600 shades in WOOL. It is the smaller version of our very popular ARS 600 Color Reference System.
The difference between the ARS 600 Wool & ARS 600S is the Small size of the pomps & box. The ARS 600 Wool Color Reference System has Regular size
pomps which has been used in all our other color boxes whereas the ARS 600s has small size pomps and the box is also smaller in proportion. This makes
the ARS 600S a light weight color system with maximun number of shades.

ARS 600S is a handy Color Reference System in WOOL. All the shades come in a handy and light weight case which is easy to carry while travelling and is being prefered by

- Rug manufacturers
- Drugget manufacturer
- Importers
- Exporters
- Designers
- Interiorer decorators

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