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AKIJ Jute Mills

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Introduction to Main Products:
Product: Jute Yarn & Twine, Sacking Cloth & Bag etc.
Jute Yarn Count: 3lbs (9.6Nm/16Lea/104 Tex) to 200lbs (0.14Nm/0.24 Lea/6890 Tex).
Ply: 2 to 5 ply.
Quality: CRP, CRX, CRT, CRM, CB and also Axminister.
Make-up: Paper, Plastic, Wooden. Cones and Core less spool.
Winding: Precision & Mackroll.
Joints: Spliced, latex, weavers and shavers knot.
Packing: Stretch Wrapped Wooden or Plastic Pallets.
Production Capacity: 105 Thousand M/Tons (Approx) of Jute Yarn & Twine per annum and also 5 Million pcs. of Standard Twill, Twill & Vegetable Oil Treated Sacking Bag per annum.
Specialty: High number of doubling in drawing and computerized feeding in the spreader machine for excellent regularity of yarn.

We also export: Raw Jute: BTC, BTD1, BTD2, BTE, BTR etc. & Cutting.

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