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Logo Acryluna


Acryluna is with you at every moment of your life, from knitwear to carpets and hand knitting to upholstery as well as blankets... Acryluna, produced with superior technology could Wrap itself in thousands of colours, would make you feel the naturalness and warmness of wool, everywhere you touch it. Acryluna is there to offer you a warmer, more comfortable
and more colourful world.

Characteristics of Acryluna:
Easy to wash and maintains its shape -
Resistant to moths, moulding and chemicals.
Can be dyed into bright colours with a perfect fastness.
Resistant to sunrays.
Naturalness and warmth similar to wool, both in appearance and feel
Odour resistant
Has a range of more than 10.000 colours

Application Areas:
Garments (knitwear, plush, hand knitting, sportswear and children's wear)
Home Textiles (carpets, blankets, rugs, upholstery, velvet fabric)

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