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Botanical Name: Chlorophora excels and Chlorophora regia.
Common Names: Iroko, kambala, mvule, mvulu, odum, tule, intule, moreira, ireme, framere, band, semli, mandji, abang, rokko, oroko.
Height & Weight: Trees can grow to 50 mt with diameters of 2,40 to 2,70 m and boles clear and cylindrical to 20 mt. Weight is 640 Kg/m3 with a specific gravity of 0.64.
Origin: Two species known by the commercial name iroko grow in East and West Africa. Chlorophora excelsa is found almost even/where across the width of tropical Africa, while Chlorophora regia, shorter in height and less hardy in prolonged dry conditions, is found in West Africa, from Gambia to Ghana.
Oxidation: HIGH.
Color & Grain: Dark brown and honey gold. Mostly straight grain. Good Teak substitute Iroko, according to the Encyclopedia of Wood , lacks the greasy feel of teak yet it has enough similarities to make a good substitute. Iroko is harder but slightly weaker than teak. Among the uses, they share garden and park bench seats. It is also used for counters and laboratory bench tops and draining boards, because of its durability in wet conditions.

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