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Rezas Oriental & Modern Rugs

Unsbjergvej 20
5220 Odense SO
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Mr. Reza Rejaye
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Phone: +45 6593 4091


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No. of employees
11-50 (Status: 2015)

Annual turnover
between 1M and 10M EUR (Status: 2015)

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At Rezas we collaborate with professional clients from all of northern Europe.

We emphasise competent service and advice and offer the biggest wholesale selection of hand knotted rugs in northern Europe.

The collection of exclusive hand knotted rugs covers the entire Persian region with nomad and village workshops of every size. Furthermore we offer a large selection of Pakistani, Afghan, Turkmenistan and Caucasian rugs, as well as a continuously growing production of modern hand knotted collections designed to harmonically suit the Scandinavian interior.

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Rezas Oriental & Modern Rugs
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Odense SØ



The Cosmou Collection is inspired by the simplicity of Scandinavian design and colors. The rugs are hand knotted and made of 100% high quality viscose. The slightly shinning finish gives the rugs a unique look and feel and will fit into any modern home. Every rug is unique and not two are 100% more

Arc de Sant

The stylish Arc de Sant collection have its inspiration from the typical Scandinavian style, with a fine mix between the cold and warm bright colors. Arc de Sant is made of wool and bamboo silk. Bamboo silk gives the classic and durable wool a very bright and attractive more


The Senses Collection consists of characteristic hand knotted rugs from Kashmir in India. The colors are Nordic and the patterns are modern. The Senses Collection goes well in most modern homes around the more


Damask collection consists of unique hand knotted rugs in perfect quality from Kashmir. The colours are harmonized and the patterns are softened. Anyway you are surprised of the colour shades and the amazing pattern in the rugs. The unique wash makes the rugs prominent very exclusive and unique. A must more

Vintage Royal Fine

Vintage Royals are antique hand knotted rugs of Persian origin. The rugs have been stonewashed and recoloured in light, dark, or bright colours, with the old pattern just being visible. The rugs are of a very high quality and are available in large sizes. With the Vintage Royal Collection, you do not more

Vintage Patchwork

Vintage Patchwork are antique hand knotted rugs of Persian origin. The Patchwork Collection consists of old rugs that have been beyond repair, and instead cut into smaller pieces and used for patchwork. The Patchwork pieces are stonewashed and recolored in light, dark, or bright colors, with the old more

Northern Light

The Northern Light Collection is inspired by the simplicity of Scandinavian design. The rugs are hand knotted and made of 100% high quality viscose. The use of viscose lends the rugs an exclusive almost silk-like impression. The slightly shinning finish gives the rugs a unique look and feel, fitting more


The stylish Panorama collection is inspired by the traditional Scandinavian style. The rug is made from 100 % pure new wool which provides the classic and hard-wearing wool with a bright and attractive look. The rug is available in various sizes and more

Plain Dust

Genuine handwowen rugs from India in 100% viscose. Sizes from 140x200 cm up to 300x400 more

Carpe Diem

Genuine handwowen kelim from India in Bamboo silk. Flat-woven rugs with a reference to the Latin aphorism - Carpe Diem. These rugs are natural Seize the day and get inspired by the modern touch of the Carpe Diem more

Persian Gabbeh

Minimalistic nomad rugs from more

Kelim Seneh

High quality Kurdish kelim from west of more

Kelim Persia

Made with hand spun wool, nature colours and in sustainable more


The Kashghai are Iran's largest and most well known tribe. They speak a Turkish dialect and are believed to come from Caucasus in the 18th century to their current areas. Both their rugs and the women's clothing clearly show their skills and love of colours. Many sub tribes exist. The most important more


The Afshar is one of the most important nomadic tribes in Iran. The most famous member of the tribe was Nadir Shah, an 18th century king who fought an Afghan rebellion to defeat Delhi and return the Peacock Throne and other treasures to Iran. Nowadays, the Afshar keep a low profile and are mainly famous more

Bidjar Zandjan

High quality city rugs with high knot more

Kelim Old

Persian Kelim Old are often oblong, and were originally used in tents by the nomads. Kelim rugs are often placed on top of other rugs as insulation. The rugs are often up to 50 years old, sometimes more than 80 years. The nomads knot or weave the rugs they need themselves, and use them for many different more


The city and the district of Hamadan is an important centre for the rug trade, as well as the most productive rug production area of Iran. Hamadan is a major city with hundreds of thousands of people. Like Ekbatan, it was a main city of the Achemenian kings. It has an indigenous Jewish population and more

Old Afghan

Two of the most popular Afghan rugs are Khal Mohammadi/Old Afghan and Afghan Aktscha. Khal Mohammadi is handmade by Turkmens in northern Afghanistan. Both Turkmenistan to the North and Afghnaistan to the South are mostly inhabited by nomadic tribes. Kabul, the capitol of Afghanistan, and the city of more

Shiraz - Lori

Shiraz, with a population of about one million, is the capitol of the south-eastern province of Fars, and is situated in the Zargros Mountains. Shiraz is an age-old city, which has been the capitol of Iran several times, and it is known as the city of roses and nightingales. It has a reputation of being more


Moud is a small town south of Mashad, in the Khorrasan Province. Rugs from this area are characterised by homogeneity in patterns and quality. They always have a Mahi or Herati pattern base on a cream coloured background, sometimes with a round medallion and corners. The most common colours are ivory, more


The colourful rugs from southern Iran have been named Yalameh, and are mainly knotted in and around the village of Aliabad in the Fars Province. Rugs of this origin were formerly called Shekarlu, but they were very rare. They were traditionally more colourful than other south Iranian rugs, the colours more


These handknotted rugs have their name from Malayer, a town in the Iranian province Hamadan. They look like patchwork quilts, as they are made by using pieces of old, used rugs. The pieces are stone washed in a way that leaves the original pattern barely visible. This gives the antique rugs new life more


The Balouch tribes are spread across a vast area in eastern Iran and constitute a significant part of the population in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Although Baluchistan is situated partly in Pakistan and partly in the south-eastern Iranian province of Sistan, Balouch rugs are not produced in Baluchistan more


Tekkeh Kelim is produced of older Persian kelims, cut into smaller pieces, sewn together and then have a backside applied. Tekkeh is the Persian name for pieces, and Tekkeh kelim is an expression for a patchwork rug, where several pieces are sewn together. Tekkeh Kelim is available in many sizes and more


The characteristic blue and white fine flower patterns with the central medallion and all-over design, is the traditionally design from the wide region of the Nain province in the central Iran. Nain is by the way a fine example to show that the Persian rugs are named after the design, regardless the more


Tabriz is the capital of Azerbaijan, which lies in the mountainous region of northwest Iran. This is one of Persia's largest rug-producing regions, which exports all qualities of rugs, from the simplest to the most luxurious. The highest-quality rugs are divided into 2 main categories. One is Tabriz more

Oriental rugs

Our wide range of Oriental hand knotted rugs covers all Persian rug-producing areas with nomad, village and workshop rugs of every size, plus a wide section of Pakistani, Afghan, Turkmen and Caucasian rugs. Genuine Oriental rugs is the name of unique hand knotted rugs produced in the vast areas stretching more


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