DOMOTEX 2017, 14 - 17 January

DOMOTEX 2017, 14 - 17 January
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Showcase your products at DOMOTEX - the industry's most important international meeting-place.

Preparations: How to get the most out of your showcase

The allocation of hall space has already started, so don't delay.

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Display space & pricing

Book display space and create your own DOMOTEX showcase. Start with your own corporate design and work from there to create an architecture and layout that reflect your vision and requirements. This will give you a unique tradeshow identity and set you apart from your competitors.

You can give your displays, meeting rooms and other spaces your own distinctive look and feel. And remember: Creativity and attractive design will send a powerful message about you as an expert provider of quality products and solutions.

Standard display space rental – all the pricing info you need to cost your showcase

Registration date/
Stand type
By 30 April 2016 From 1 May 2016 from 1 November 2016
Row stand (open on 1 side) € 158/sqm € 161/sqm € 168/sqm
Corner stand (open on 2 sides) € 164/sqm € 167/sqm € 174/sqm
End stand (open on 3 sides) € 165/sqm € 168/sqm € 175/sqm
Island stand (open on 4 sides) € 168/sqm € 171/sqm € 178/sqm


Marketing fee * € 13.60/sqm
Space on the upper level of two-level stands € 70/sqm
* incl. AUMA contribution  


Participation fee € 350
Marketing fee * € 320
* incl. AUMA contribution  


All prices stated subject to VAT as valid in Germany. In future, invoices issued to companies that are non-German tax residents will be net invoices, i.e. with no German VAT stated. For further information, please refer to the DOMOTEX Conditions for Participation.

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How do I book a stand?

As an exhibitor at the DOMOTEX 2016, please use your order number and password from the DOMOTEX 2016 to log in OBS . Your company data as stored will be displayed and you can submit your new application directly online.

If you are a prospective exhibitor or newcomer, please contact Ms. Sabine Stiehler (see below).


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Reduce your organizational efforts to a minimum and choose one of the attractive fair packages. more


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