DOMOTEX 2018, 12 - 15 January
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In 2018 DOMOTEX will for the first time focus on a keynote theme common to every area of the event and at the venue itself. UNIQUE YOUNIVERSE represents a strong trend towards the individualization of products and services. In other words, customization in response to individual needs and wishes. In future, customers will be more closely involved in the development of new products. New innovative technology makes it easier to offer a personal customer experience. The implications of this core trend for the flooring sector will be explored at DOMOTEX 2018 ‒ with examples, presentations and discussions.

Framing Trends: An immersive experience inspired by the show's lead theme

Visitors will be able to witness the latest trends and creative product presentations inspired by the DOMOTEX 2018 lead theme in Hall 9, where brand and lifestyle-oriented companies are offering a diverse realm of experience – both by means of company exhibits as well as a special "Framing Trends" display that serves as a first port of call and source of inspiration for visitors.

In total, the "Framing Trends" display will be made up of four zones – or "modules" – each with its own distinct perspective on the keynote theme. These offerings will be supplemented by perennial favorites like Talks , Guided Tours and meeting areas.

Framing Trends - four modules:

Flooring Spaces

Flooring Spaces

In the "Flooring Spaces" zone, companies from the floor coverings industry will be able to shine as pioneers and trendsetters by staging highly creative product showcases. The number of Flooring Spaces is limited – so an external jury of experts will decide which companies can present their ideas and designs on the theme of UNIQUE YOUNIVERSE.

Flooring Spaces: Creating a Surreal Uniqueness
Flooring Spaces: Tisca's Urban Jungle <
Woven Forms: Where Art and Textile Intertwine

Living Spaces

Living Spaces

In the "Living Spaces" zone, exhibitors will team up with partners from the interior design sector to craft inspiring spaces and innovative lifestyle realms.



The "NuThinkers" zone is an opportunity for students, young designers and startups to present their innovative projects catering to product and service individualization. As its name suggests, the "NuThinkers" zone is for alternative thinkers who can envisage a world beyond the main stream. The exciting new ideas on display there will include a new kind of floor heating system inspired by reptilian thermoregulation, a self-driving robotic painter that can create personalized floors, and a virtual reality software that uses body movement to create individualized spaces in real-time.

Art and Interaction

Art & Interaction

And finally, the "Art and Interaction" zone will present the keynote theme of "UNIQUE UNIVERSE" in a sensory feast of exhibits from the worlds of art and design.

When it comes to exploring the keynote theme, the sky is – literally – the limit in the "Art & Interaction" zone. " Meanwhile in the Universe ", for instance, is an installation in which visitors can open a window to catch their own little glimpse of infinity – in the form of a live feed of outer space from NASA.

The "Endless Uniqueness" installation offers a similarly interactive perspective on the keynote theme. For this, 50 creatives, including Germany's ten best interior designers, were each asked build their own personal interpretation of the "UNIQUE YOUNIVERSE" keynote theme in the form of their favorite items and flooring staged inside an open mirror box. The boxes are arrayed opposite a giant mirror kaleidoscope that reflects the boxes and the visitors walking among them. As they walk through this mirror installation, visitors can change and rearrange the materials in the boxes, thereby creating their own unique design universe.

Blogger Lounge premieres in Hall 9

Next year, DOMOTEX will feature its first-ever Blogger Lounge. Located in the new "Framing Trends" special display in Hall 9, the lounge will provide a central location where the blogger community can gather, share ideas and reach out to tradeshow visitors. The lounge will be decked out with large-format monitors that will display the participating bloggers' blog and social media posts in real-time.


For exhibitors

Allow your product to become part of the UNIQUE YOUNIVERSE and boost your profile.