DOMOTEX 2018, 12 - 15 January


"UNIQUE YOUNIVERSE" is the keynote theme for DOMOTEX 2018. It is the common denominator of all pre-show communications and the soul of the show itself. It also features prominently in the Talks program.

Hall 9: Exclusive showcase for the future of flooring

DOMOTEX Talks: blazing the individualization trail

UNIQUE YOUNIVERSE is about individualization, the strong and growing trend in which products and services are becoming increasingly personalized and tailored to customer needs. As this trend deepens, customers are seeking greater input into product development processes. Innovative new technologies are constantly emerging to meet this demand and provide ever more unique and personalized customer experiences.

These defining themes for the future of flooring will be presented and discussed in depth at the Talks on all four days of DOMOTEX. Each day's speaker lineup will include industry experts, founders of amazing startups and trailblazing next-generation designers. Each day, you will experience three speed presentations followed by a moderated discussion group featuring leading figures from the manufacturing and reseller sectors of the flooring industry.

Modular design: individual versus mass-produced?

Modular design enables a high degree of flexibility in terms of product and organization development and product use. Today’s lifestyle is all about putting the "living" back into our living spaces. These trends are opening up a whole new world of architecture and interior design in which modules are pre-fabricated en masse and can be assembled in all kinds of combinations.

In office environments, the result is a multiplicity of individualized working spaces fashioned using flexible interior design systems. Today’s office spaces are breaking the traditional mold and look more like co-working spaces for startups and digital nomads.

New one-off originals: handmade versus digital?


Hand craftsmanship is currently experiencing something of a renaissance. Traditional artisan techniques are being rediscovered and reinvented, factories are becoming manufactories, and craft is in – be it in the form of micro-breweries in New York and London or the one-of-a-kind creations gracing the fashion and design hotspots of Milan and Berlin. This demand for handmade, one-off originals is coming up against the increasingly automated and digital processes of everyday life and manufacturing. But the two are more compatible than you might think.

Additive manufacturing processes such as 3D printing and, on an even more modern note, 4D printing with its materials that reshape or re-assemble themselves over time, open up a whole range of new options for more individualized design and super-personalized products. The Talk on "New one-off originals: handmade vs. digital" explores the interplay between traditional craftsmanship, contemporary design and tomorrow’s technologies.

Retail: Virtual versus real?

How is our retail behavior changing, and what do virtual and augmented reality have to offer marketing and sales? The eCommerce market is booming, but customers want to be able to do more than just view before they buy. They want to try it, try it on and try it out. Retailers are responding to this trend in various ways. With virtual changing rooms, stores and showrooms, for example. But also with unique, real-world retail events. This trend towards individualized purchase journeys is further enhanced by customers’ ability to have some degree of active, creative input into the products they buy.

NuThinker Stage

Original designs and intelligent solutions: That’s the experience that awaits visitors to DOMOTEX 2018 when design students, young emerging designers and flooring-savvy startups get together to stage their innovative, visionary ideas inspired by the show’s "UNIQUE YOUNIVERSE" keynote theme. These "NuThinkers" will share their perspectives on the future of flooring at the Talks.


Keynote theme



UNIQUE YOUNIVERSE represents a strong trend towards the individualization of products and services. In other words, customization in response to individual needs and wishes. more


"NuThinkers" at DOMOTEX

Original designs, amazing interior spaces and intelligent solutions: That's the experience that awaits visitors to DOMOTEX 2018 when design students, young emerging designers and flooring-savvy startups get together to stage their innovative, visionary ideas inspired by the show's " UNIQUE YOUNIVERSE " keynote theme. more