DOMOTEX 2018, 12 - 15 January

Hand-made carpets & rugs


Carpet Design Awards | 07 Sep. 2017

Carpet Design Awards ready for exciting new season

Designers and makers of modern hand-made carpets have until 1 November to submit their entries for the highly coveted award. The Carpet... more

Statement-carpet UK

Trends and Inspiration | 27 Jul. 2017

11 Stylish Ways to Use Carpet Now

Carpet is coming back in from the cold and looking good again. Here are a few great reasons to consider it. more

Wools carpet stripes

Trends and Inspiration | 11 Jul. 2017

How to Seamlessly Incorporate Carpet into Your Home

There’s nothing quite like the feel of soft, sumptuous carpet beneath your feet. Here’s how to embrace it in a modern home. more

Josephine and Erika Kurtz

Interior Design and Architecture | 06 Jul. 2017

New Moon Rugs

Founded by artist and renowned rug historian John Kurtz in 1993, US rug brand New Moon is a family company now predominantly run by Kurtz's... more

DT_003-2018_6. TrompeL'oeil-© Zollanvari International


Innovative woven textiles for unique carpet designs

The art of weaving is one of the oldest known techniques for producing textile products. Nevertheless, contemporary designers and carpet... more

Hossein Rezvani


"The 'customized' carpet is a strong selling point"

"Against a background of growing uniformity, customized products will become more and more important." An interview with carpet Designer... more


Hand-made carpets & rugs | 11 May. 2017

Contemporary design transforming traditional patterns

For that last five years, leading carpet designers have combined antique designs with the latest materials and techniques to create unique... more

Alan Design Studio

Textile floor coverings | 19 Apr. 2017

"It really ties the room together!"

Whether Persia, Berber, Kilim or Dhurrie; it pays to keep your feet (and your rug) on the ground. Even The Dude knew that! more

Design Lab

Textile floor coverings | 05 Apr. 2017

Layered look - how to combine rugs

One rug is good, several layered rugs are better! These five tips will help you get the popular layered look. more

David Boyle Architec

Textile floor coverings | 02 Mar. 2017

How best to arrange furniture around rugs

Make your furniture and flooring work together with these simple rules for laying out a room to complement any shape of rug. more

Living Romm stylish

Trends and Inspiration | 03 Feb. 2017

A Look at the Latest Trends in Floor Coverings

Once again, the largest international trade fair for high-end flooring, innovative materials and new technologies has proven to be a... more

DOMOTEX: Winner Carpet Design Awards

Carpet Design Awards | 16 Jan. 2017

Winners of the Carpet Design Awards announced at DOMOTEX 2017

The world's finest designer carpets and rugs have been awarded prizes at the 2017 Carpet Design Awards, held at DOMOTEX in Hannover. The... more


Carpet Design Awards | 13 Dec. 2016

24 finalists nominated

The finalists for the 2017 Carpet Design Awards have been chosen. On 24 November, a jury of design and carpet industry experts shortlisted a... more

Rug Star Carpet trends

Hand-made carpets & rugs | 18 Nov. 2016

The Latest Must-Have Rugs for the Modern Home

What styles are in demand right now? We interviewed carpet expert and buyer Wilhard Kühne about the current desire for earthy tones and... more

Living Room Cynthia Lynn Photography

Textile floor coverings | 17 Nov. 2016

Magic Carpets - Discover Woolly, Natural and Expressive Rugs

There are thousands of options, woven, knotted, tufted, printed with motifs – we give you an insight into the world of floor warmers more

Leslie Glazier @ Properties

Hand-made carpets & rugs | 28 Oct. 2016

So what is… a Beni Ouarain?

Delicate black rhombic patterns on a white, woolly background: The new carpet craze is bringing the traditional Berber rug back into ... more


Hand-made carpets & rugs | 26 Oct. 2016

The Love of Flatweaves

Flatwoven or tapestry-woven carpets and textiles have been made by generations of weavers in all corners of the world. The technique lies at... more

Carpet Design Awards

Carpet Design Awards | 30 Sep. 2016

New jury for the upcoming Carpet Design Awards

The Carpet Design Awards, the world’s top international accolade for contemporary hand-made carpets and rugs, has a new jury lineup for... more

DOMOTEX, Collection Fascination, Vorwerk

Interview | 02 Feb. 2016

Get knotted!

N CONVERSATION: Piero Lissoni, Milan-based designer and architect, and Vanessa Brady, London-based interior architect, were the Special... more

DOMOTEX, CRYSTALLIZED - ICE, Creative Matters Inc.

Carpet Design Awards | 12 Jan. 2016

Exquisite carpets

Exquisite and highly sought-after: modern hand-made carpets. The best of their designer creations will be honored at the Carpet Design... more