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Textile floor coverings

Teppich im Farbschema Wohnzimmer

Textile floor coverings | 15 Jun. 2017

How to Style Any Room With a Rug

Follow these tips to discover the perfect rug for your space and how to style it to perfection more

Sisal carpet eatingroom

Interior Design and Architecture | 02 Jun. 2017

Sisal – a Pure, Robust and Dirt-resistant Natural Fibre

Carpets, ropes and wallpaper – sisal is a real all-rounder and gives your home a natural touch more

Alan Design Studio

Textile floor coverings | 19 Apr. 2017

"It really ties the room together!"

Whether Persia, Berber, Kilim or Dhurrie; it pays to keep your feet (and your rug) on the ground. Even The Dude knew that! more

Design Lab

Textile floor coverings | 05 Apr. 2017

Layered look - how to combine rugs

One rug is good, several layered rugs are better! These five tips will help you get the popular layered look. more

David Boyle Architec

Textile floor coverings | 02 Mar. 2017

How best to arrange furniture around rugs

Make your furniture and flooring work together with these simple rules for laying out a room to complement any shape of rug. more

Tibetan rug

Interior Design and Architecture | 30 Dec. 2016

Good Deeds Meet Great Design

“There is a growing demand for responsibly-produced carpets.”Carpet designer and importer Stephanie Odegard discusses minimalist design and... more

puristischer Stil

Interior Design and Architecture | 20 Dec. 2016

Putting Interior Design on the Map

"Interior design starts with the floor." Vanessa Brady explains the importance of the right floor covering in interior design—and how she... more

Forbo Flooring B.V. (NL), Flotex Planks

Innovations@DOMOTEX | 16 Dec. 2016

Carpet flooring, fibers and yarns

Carpet floors could solve a whole lot of problems if selected products from DOMOTEX 2017 are anything to go by. more

DOMOTEX: Arachne's-detail, Kustaa Saksi

Textile floor coverings | 14 Dec. 2016

Nature Meets Psychedelia in Textile Design

"Ideas can come from anywhere at any time." We spoke to graphic artist and textile designer Kustaa Saksi about being inspired and inspiring... more

DT16_Al_1508961.original Kopie

Interior Design and Architecture | 08 Dec. 2016

"Nothing represents home more than a carpet"

Design must be holistic, says Hadi Teherani. In an interview, the German architect and designer explains how floors define a room - and why... more

Living Room Cynthia Lynn Photography

Textile floor coverings | 17 Nov. 2016

Magic Carpets - Discover Woolly, Natural and Expressive Rugs

There are thousands of options, woven, knotted, tufted, printed with motifs – we give you an insight into the world of floor warmers more

Shirley Meisels

Textile floor coverings | 29 Jul. 2016

13 Good reasons to get a rug

Optimise your acoustics, smarten up your floors and pull a scheme together with one of these rug decor ideas. more