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Tianjin Zenomark International

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Halle 4, Stand G48/2
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Tianjin Zenomark International
Trading Co,Ltd.

Room 207,B21 Building
Venture Headquarters Base
Fuyuan Road
301700 Tianjin
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Fax: +86 22 82126602


Herr Leo
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Telefon: +86 22 8212 6602


Tipping dyeing faux sheepskin

The use of special techniques to achieve almost the same touch with the fox fur. It looks fuller, better durability, more noble and elegant. Tipping dyeing brings more vitality color.weiterlesen

Netting twine shaggy

Retro is longing for perfect arts, style is the romantics interspersed occasionally. Using netting twine as raw material,which special surface effect is achieved. The rug is full and the texture is clear, and it also brings a different touch.weiterlesen

Moroccan style shaggy rug

Moroccan style has always been a popular element in the market and customer buying frequency is very high. We produce this product with different materials, which are suitable for various market demands. Our these products have wide normal material range and some special user-require types.weiterlesen

wooly shaggy

This is high quality and super cost-effective product with the excellent thickness and flexibility. The height of the pile can reach more than 10cm, but the price is less than half of the same height product. It has soft and fluffy features better than other shaggy products.weiterlesen

Tie-dyed imitation cony hair

Many people a loving person, hoping could protect all the weakness animal in this world, and I have the same thoughts. Artificial lamb fabric is more popular with animal rights activists. The tie-dyed imitation cony hair is not only on visual effects and feels is up to real fur but also environmentally ...weiterlesen

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