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Singform Enterprise

Logo Singform Enterprise
Halle 4, Stand E86/1


Singform Enterprise Co. Ltd.

No. 75-1 Ta-Ker Lee
Putze City, Chia-yi Hsien
613 Chia-Yi
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Fax: +886 5 3700405


Herr Andy Huang
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Telefon: +886 53797622
Fax: +886 53700405
Frau Jane Huang
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Telefon: +886 5 3797622
Fax: +886 5 3700405
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Anzahl Mitarbeiter
51-100 (Stand: 2013)

zwischen 10 Mio und 50 Mio USD (Stand: 2013)


Irish Mat

Specifications: -Modern European style -Lightweight construction -Designed for home uses -Protects floor from damageweiterlesen

Printed Mat

Specifications: -Suitable for branding and logos -Pattern can be customized -Fits any floor -Ideal for commercial applications -Protects employees and customers from falling downweiterlesen

Patch Mat

Specifications: -Handmade and designed for entrance -Customizable for matching different designs -Durable rubber backing -One of a kind and stylish -Soft underfoot and elegant -Perfect for brandingweiterlesen

Multi-Purpose Mat

Specifications: -Different types of top carpets are interchangeable for various applications -Effectively absorb petroleum-based liquids with oil absorbing fabric liner -Perfect for industrial environments, commercial applications and kitchens -Easy to install and clean -Fits all kinds of surfaces -Low ...weiterlesen

Rocky Mat

Specifications: - Easy to clean - Stain resistance - Mildew resistance - Elegant & comfort - Design for entrance - Build for enduranceweiterlesen

Plain Color Mat

Specifications: - Easy to clean - Dirt potection - Stain protection - Water absorption - Machine washable - Build for enduranceweiterlesen

Cross Mat

Specifications: - Easy to clean - Water drainage - Design to scrape - All-weather proof - Anti-slip prevention - Build for endurance - Build for wet / oil areaweiterlesen

Anti Slip Safety Mat

Specifications: - Easy to clean - Anti-slip prevention - Suitable for kitchen - Oil resistance backing - Oil / Grease prevention - Build for wet / oil areaweiterlesen

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