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Shandong K.D.L. Textile

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Halle 4, Stand G72/3
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Shandong K.D.L. Textile Co., Ltd.

888 West of Deshang Road
South of Zhenhua Street
Wucheng Country
253300 Dezhou
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Fax: +86 312 5290333


Frau Li
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Telefon: +86 312 7552188
Fax: +86 312 5011555-8803




Anzahl Mitarbeiter
51-100 (Stand: 2016)

zwischen 10 Mio und 50 Mio EUR (Stand: 2016)


Hand-made woollen carpet

Hand-made woolen carpet is made by hand. There are 90L,100L and so on. The size we have are 160*230cm, 200*300cm, etc.weiterlesen

Mat series

Door mat series mainly include printing, flocking, embossed and embroidery technology. The material we can do have nylon, polypropylene, polyester, etc. and with latex, TPR, PVC and cloth non-slip backing. And the specifications are mainly 40*60cm, 50*80cm, 60*90cm, 80*120cm, etc.weiterlesen

Shaggy carpet

Shaggy carpet is hand-tufted carpet. The pile height is about 3-4cm. The material is polyester. We can do solid color, design and multi-structure as your request.weiterlesen

Chenille series

Chenille series is plain colored, with micro-fiber, viscose and other materials. The most width of chenille is 2 meters. We can do wall to wall and a variety of specifications of the finished product as per your order.weiterlesen


Tapestry is made of thinner rayon yarn. Famous pictures also photos can be produced of this quality. It seems photos can be put in frame and show on wall of rooms also can be put in the wall . The widest of the quality is 4 meter.weiterlesen

ISIL series

ISIL series is made of acrylic and shrink yarn also lures. All designs are of European style. The close qualitative classic carpet surface is cool and sleek, which make you enjoy the peaceful, comfortable and quality life.weiterlesen

Slap-up carved carpet

Slap-up carved carpet is heat set quality. The most classical is hand carved by Chinese. It seems wool hand made carpet. The quality can be produced of customers' own designs.weiterlesen

3D Peacock silk carpet

The material is polyester; the pile height is 1cm-4cm. 3D Peacock silk carpet is shaggy which is half hand made. High density with three-dimensional. Thinner polyester make you feel softy and smoothly.weiterlesen

Sea Charm Series A

It is made of acrylic; the pile height is 11cm. The quality adopts advanced jacquard technology, which outlines exquisite designs make you feel strong sense of three-dimensional and create the classic of luxury and wealth.weiterlesen

Lanhua series

Lanhua series is produced of advanced jacquard technology and is the modern household decorative boutique.weiterlesen

Rose series

Rose carpet is made of anti-structure designs with Chinese knot, polyester silk and acrylic yarn. It has distinct level, fluent designs and very strong perspective.weiterlesen

Lily series

Lily is machine-made polypropylene carpet. It is made of many fashion designs and sizes, is beautiful and practical and suited for the household.weiterlesen

Slap-up carved carpet

This Slap-up carved carpet is the machine-made carpet which is made by listening up, carving and other several processes. The close qualitative polypropylene carpet makes you enjoy the peaceful, comfortable and quality life.weiterlesen

Sea charm series

It is woven jacquard carpet, which outlines exquisite designs making you feel strong sense of perspective and creating the classic of luxury and wealth.weiterlesen

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