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Qinghai Tianxiduoji Carpet

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Qinghai Tianxiduoji Carpet Co., Ltd.

No.26 Chuangye Road
Chengnan Industrial Park
810021 Xining
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Fax: +86 971 2213339


Herr Dayu Jin
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Telefon: +86 571 85098106
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Axminster woolen carpet

Made by high quality wool from New-Zealand and England, according to woven- technique of orient rug, mechanically cashmere yarn will be cut after the specified length, with a "U" or structural approach "J" shaped plant buried between layers of carpet warp, and then be fixed by the weft. Therefore, the ...weiterlesen

Anti-slip mats

Non slip mat, made by injection molding machine with PVC material, can produce different levels of hardness and softness products according to different needs of customers to apply to different places, the wide range of products, used for bathroom, hotel, kitchen, swimming pool, etc.weiterlesen

Polyster Tufted carpet

Polyester tufted carpets are woven base fabric used in the mechanical pin tufted, loop pile or cut pile carpet formation mechanism carpet surface, the appearance of fullness, flexible, generally use polyester, nylon, polypropylene and other blended, high-grade products with pure wool yarn. Woven carpet ...weiterlesen

Wilton woven carpet

Our wilton woven carpet is made by most-advanced computer jacquard technology, can meet customers' different need for colours, density, materials, such as polypropylene, wool; 6-colour, 8-colour; wall to wall or area rug, etc.weiterlesen

Composite Mat

Our composite mat, the surface fabric is heat-laminated with back, the surface fabric can be needle-punched fabric, tufted carpet, etc.; back can be PVC, rubber etc. The product can directly be used or to be further processed by laser, heat-press, flocking etc.weiterlesen

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