DOMOTEX 2019, 11. - 14. Januar


Halle 9, Stand G07/2
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Kornelia Krompiec

Jana Matejki 9
47-220 Kedzierzyn-Kozle
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Fax: +48 77 5506582


Herr Jaroslaw Thym for English
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Telefon: +48 775 507137
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Herringbone and Hungarian Points parquet

The herringbone pattern floors are a line of oak floors made from the parquet stave. The characteristic arrangement of staves gives the room a palace style. Such a parquet, despite the palace spirit, is not overwhelming, but gives the interior lightness and unusual elegance. Once reserved for big rooms, ...weiterlesen

Nela Floor - double-layer oak floors

NELAfloor is a line of floors for the brave. It is avant-garde in the world of wooden floors. It is a solution for people open to new aesthetic experiences. NELAfloor is the essence of beauty enchanted in nature which makes every tree unique and each board from it - different.weiterlesen

Tudor Line - double-layer aged oak floors

TUDOR LINE are floors inspired by the Tudor dynasty, especially Henry VIII. It is a line created by the impact of two the elements - fire and water on the noblest of all trees - oak - to produce deep colours and give the floor a rustic look.weiterlesen

Floor cassettes / panels

The CASSETTES are a line of products giving the interior a palace appearance. It is an exclusive line of handmade and aged floors. Great choice of patterns as well as an interesting colour palette emphasise the richness of the line and its exceptional nature.weiterlesen

Nela One - solid and double-layer oak floors

NELA-ONE is a classic line, created bearing in mind people who can notice the beauty of nature and appreciate it. NELA-ONE emphasises this beauty, reflecting the nature of the oak, preserving harmony.weiterlesen

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