DOMOTEX 2018, 12. - 15. Januar


Halle 13, Stand D72
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Przedsiebiorstwo Drzewne Jawor
Antoni Jan Gawinski

ul. Grunwaldzka 87
13-300 Nowe Miasto Lubawskie
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Fax: +48 56 4724485


FerigDeska (FertigPlank)

FertigPlank - a finished with varnish or oil-wax two-ply floor. The noble surface layer is made out of natural wood and is 4 mm or 6 mm thick. Produced from oak, ash or exotic wood. The underlayer, called the stablising layer, simplifies the assembly and improves resistance to deformation. The underlayer ...weiterlesen

FerigParkiet (FertigParquet)

FertigParquet - it is a finished, varnished or covered with oil-wax parquet with two-ply construction. It consists of an elegant surface layer 4 mm or 6 mm thick made out of oak, ash or exotic wood. The underlayer, called the stabilising layer, is made out of hardwood. The application of this layer ...weiterlesen

MassiveParkiet (MassiveParquet)

MassiveParquet- extraordinarily elegant and exclusive floor consisting of uniform wooden elements 16 mm thick. The application of thicker planks makes the floor durable enough - there is no need, as in the case of two-ply floors, to use a back-pressure layer preventing from deformation. MassiveParquet ...weiterlesen

FerigDeska (FerigPlank) ColorInspiration

Color Inspiration is the newest collection of oaken, finished two-ply floors. The series of colors is inspired by Italy, some of which refer to green vineyards of hot Calabria or Tuscan oil groves, other colors almost transfer us to sandy Sardinia beaches. In order to expose wood pattern, the planks ...weiterlesen

FerigDeska (FertigPlank) Luxury

FertigPlank Luxury - the newest Jawor-Parkiet product. The real »queen« among our planks, designed with the thought of those especially appreciating luxury and unique aesthetics. The Luxury line was designed according to the newest global trends. Exceptionally wide and made out of the highest quality ...weiterlesen

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