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Heywood Vloeren

Logo Heywood Vloeren
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Heywood Vloeren B.V.

Scheldestraat 30
5347 JD Oss
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Fax: +31 412 651971


Herr Carlos van Vorst
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Mobil: +31 655725461
Telefon: +31 412657428
Fax: +31 412651971
Herr Carlos van Vorst
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Telefon: +31 412657428
Fax: +31 412651971
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Old Reclaimed Wood Collection

A beautiful program of 2-layer engineered genuine Reclaimed Wood of old 'Lifetime Oak' and 'Century-D' Oak & Elm and Reclaimed Barnwood. Lovely powerful natural colour variations and patina of untreated wood which has been weathered and dried by centuries of exposure to the harshness of the elements. ...weiterlesen

Pattern & Panel Floors

Apart from (extra) wide and (extra) long Plank floors, Heywood Vloeren is also producing a wide range of Bespoke size and colouring options in pattern and panel floors, such as Herringbone, Chevron, Versailles, Basket Weave and Echelle patterns. These are available in Oak Elegance and Oak Character, ...weiterlesen

Aged Floors: Antique/KnottingHill/Shrunk

Heywood offers three different styles of textured surfaces in their range of 2-layer engineered aged hardwood floors: Aged Antique, Aged Knotting Hill and Aged Shrunk. Each aged flooring collections has a unique look and powerful own character in the warm natural atmosphere they create. Antique Collection ...weiterlesen

Bespoke Flooring (Character & Elegance)

The two styles within Heywood's Bespoke wooden flooring program are BESPOKE ELEGANCE and BESPOKE CHARACTER. European Oak Elegance. Quiet appearance more uniform in colour and structure. Beauty by simplicity. Construction of 2-layer engineered 'Multiplank' (Duoplank) with a wear-layer of Select grade ...weiterlesen

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