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Halle 9, Stand A14/1
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Brooktorkai 6
20457 Hamburg


Frau Marketing Manager Maryam Ebrahimi
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Herr Mohsen Borhani
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Telefon: +49 40 363654
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Anzahl Mitarbeiter
1-10 (Stand: 2012)


Mani Collection

Mani Collection is a double-sided kilim with simple design however made using a complex weaving technique exclusive to EDELGRUND. Mani is made in Bijar, Kurdistan Iran using 100% hand-reased, double twisted yarn and dyed with local vegetable dyes. This collection is double sided with each side representing ...weiterlesen

Kilim - Gabeh Collection

Our limited addition "Kilim - Gabeh Collection" is a simple inspiration from Khorjins (saddle-bags) that are used on mules and horses by nomads. Their vibrant colors make them perfect accent pieces for any room. Each piece is unique in design and sizes range between 150-195cm long and 120cm wide.weiterlesen

Romina Collection

Romina Collection is a double-sided kilim made in Bijar capital of Kurdistan Province in NW of Iran. The yarns are 100% hand-reased, double twisted and dyed with local vegetable dyes in Kurdistan. This exclusive kilim by EDELGRUND is made with very fine yarns however the weaving technique makes it ...weiterlesen

Patch Collection

These imperfect beauties were made with pieces of Kilims that were made in different areas, times and with various hands. Each one of them is one of a kind with its very own unique look, colors and story to tell. Most of them are double sided so you can enjoy the colorful and natural side based on ...weiterlesen

Massal Collection

The Massal Collection is created in the Gilan province of northern Iran and is named after a small village there. Massal is a blend of three different techniques of fabric weaving from three different areas in northern Iran (Kordi, Gilaki and Azeri Turki). The fabrics were and are still being used as ...weiterlesen

Antique Mazandaran Collection

Antique Mazandaran Collectionweiterlesen

Kilimu Collection

The Kilimu Collection is weaved and designed by the beautiful people of Qashqai tribes in Fars Province. Kilimu simply means Kilim in Turk Qashqai dialect. These beauties are made using the traditional Qashqai Kilim weaving technique with simple modern designs and vibrant colors. EDELGRUND leaves the ...weiterlesen

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