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DecoRad Systems

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Kernreactorstraat 11B
3903 LG Veenendaal
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DecoRad® Floormate 3000

The DecoRad® Floormate is the ultimate tool for instantly curing floor coatings. The DecoRad® Floormate can instantly cure approximately 250 square meter per hour (depending on the type of basefloor, layer thickness and product) UV has been successfully used in industrial applications for instantly ...weiterlesen

DecoRad® Automate

The DecoRad® Automate is the ultimate tool for repetitive work. A surface of 2m2 (a door) can be entirely dried and cured in just 10 minutes. this is ideal for instant drying and curing of doors of appartments, for instance. the DecoRad® Automate is supplied to professional users through wholesalers.weiterlesen

DecoRad® Handmate

The DecoRad® Handmate is a great tool for smaller work. Within few minutes, surfaces can be fully dried and cured. this is ideal for instantly drying and curing door steps, frames, steps, doors and much more. the DecoRad® Handmate is supplied to professional users through wholesalers.weiterlesen

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