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CoCreation Grass

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CoCreation Grass Corp.

Floor 18, Dadi Building
56 Huaqiao Road
210029 Nanjing
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Frau Karen Zhong
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Artificial Grass for Other Sports

Artificial grass can be widely applied in other sports fields. CCGrass also designs synthetic turf system for rugby, lacrosse, lawn bowling, multipurpose and etc., both outdoor and indoor application included. All CCGrass products are specially developed to play under all weather conditions and offers ...weiterlesen

Artificial Grass for Golf

Artificial Grass for Golf Course is also a main product of CCGrass. Whether you are looking for full range of golf products for a complete golf course or just looking for putting greens to install in the backyard, resort or hotels, we offer you all types of grass for different sections. CCGrass golf ...weiterlesen

Artificial Grass for Hockey

Artificial Grass for Hockey, compared to other synthetic sports fields, demands most critically on ball rolling, foot sliding as well as shock absorption. Based on this feature, CCGrass hockey grass is made of special fiber to provide an even and flat surface to fulfill the global level for professional ...weiterlesen

Artificial Grass for Football

Synthetic Turf for Football emphasizes more on safety since the game is fiercer and is easier to cause serious injuries. Thus, CCGrass designs softer grass to offer more comfortable surface with lower sliding resistance, which prevents skinned knees and elbows. Additionally, CCGrass football fields are ...weiterlesen

Artificial Grass for Landscaping

CCGrass Landscaping Synthetic Turf Are you still tired of sod mowing? Are you dreading unaffordable bills due to grass watering? Are you ashamed of a mottled garden with inevitable bald spots everywhere? CCGrass is here to eliminate all your troubles and concerns. Comfortable CCGrass has set new ...weiterlesen

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