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China Tibetan Carpet Association

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Halle 6, Stand C62
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China Tibetan Carpet Association

No.6 Ruiyuan Road
Chengzhong District
810021 Xining
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Fax: +86 971 6512338


Frau Nancy Chen
Telefon: +86 971 6512338




Pure Wool Tibetan Carpets

Carpet By using Tibet fine wool «Xingning White Hair» - the unique to the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. It has long fibers, good luster and high resilience and high resilience and other characteristics, and was lauded as best raw materials for weaving Tibetan Carpets.weiterlesen

Velvet Tibetan Carpets

They are made of tussah silk and the hair in the neck, shoulder and back of those cold-resistant sheep, yaks and back of those cold-resistant sheep, yarks and camels who are living in the Qinghai-Tietan Plateau which is over 4000 meters high above the sea level.weiterlesen

Pure Silk Tibetan Carpets

Pure silk Tibetan Carpet are made of silk of wild tussah living in the northeast area of China.weiterlesen

Nature Color Carpets

Nature Color Carpets are made of Xingning Wool sheared from Tibetan sheep living in the Qing-Tibet. Plateau which is over 4000 meters high above the sea leavel. Xining Wool is hand sorted into seven different natural Color Woolen Carpets are made with fine workmanship.weiterlesen

Silk & Wool Tibetan Carpets

Silk &Wool Tibetan Carpets are made of tussah silk and super Xining Wool with the traditional craft of weaving and the modern way of carpet -washing. They are fashionable and high-class modern products.They are classified by 90L, 100L, 120L and 150L.weiterlesen

Semi-dyed Yarn Tradition Tibetan Carp

Semi-dyed Yarn Tradition Tibetan Carpets,also commonly known as «Ma Ru Zi»(a kind of mat used on the horse back), are a kind of Tibetan Carpets which has a long history. This kind of carpets was very popular in early Qing Dynasty and was mainly of yarn dyed with vegetable dyes and in the original, traditional ...weiterlesen

Kewpie Carpet

The name of the Kewpie carpet is originated from the name of a Pakistani designer, whose design is very popular, so the carpets with his design is very popular, so the carpets with his design are named Kewpie carpet adopts the Pakistani pattern, which is simpler than that of Persian carpet. The pattern ...weiterlesen

Gabbeh Tibetan Carpets

«Gabbeh» originates from Persian word GABBEH which means a dream. According to a Persianlegend, once upon a time there was a beautiful maid. One day, she dreamed about the pleasant sight of villagers working in the meadowland with the sheepdogs, the cattle and sheep around, while the white clouds were ...weiterlesen

Gun Tufted Tibetan Carpet

Gun tufted Tibetan Carpets are made of super Xining Wool. They are classified by 70L,80L,90L and 120L.weiterlesen

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