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ARS Colors

8 Ayat Road
Himmatpur, Bakuchia
Bhadohi 221401
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Fax: +91 5414 227808


Herr Mudassar Hasan
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Telefon: +91 5414 225208
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ART 600S Wool

A very compact and stylish Color Reference System with 600 shades in WOOL. It is the smaller version of our very popular ARS 600 Color Reference System. The difference between the ARS 600 Wool & ARS 600S is the Small size of the pomps & box. The ARS 600 Wool Color Reference System has Regular size pomps ...weiterlesen

Customize Color System

The usage of a Customized Color Reference System in an organization helps to improve the efficiency of work by bridging the gap between the Clint and the Manufacturer. ARS Color Reference System is a language of COLORS spoken by all its users. - You may design your own color system by choosing your ...weiterlesen

NEW ART 1400 Color Reference System

A complete collection of 1400 shades in 5 trays. Each tray has 2 color groups with each group having 20 different tones of shades and every tone has 7 gradation, which gives a wide variety of choice to its users.weiterlesen

ART 700 Viscose

A complete collection of 700 shades split in 10 groups in five trays, making it convinent to use due to its easy reference numbers. Utility: ARS 700 color reference system in VISCOSE has shiny and elegant collection of 700 shades in 5 treys. ARS 700 Viscose is ver usefull for Rug manufacturers Shaggy ...weiterlesen

ART 600 Wool

An ideal and handy color reference system with 600 shades in WOOL having maximum range of colors userful for manufacturing diferent kind of product. Utility: ARS 600 is a handy color reference system in WOOL. All the colors will come in a handy case being used by Rug manufacturers Drugget manufacturer Importers Exporters Designers Interiorer ...weiterlesen

ART 320 Viscose

A shiny and elegant collection of 320 shades in VISCOSE very convenient to use due to its easy reference numbers and organized placing of different group of shades. Utility: ARS 320 color reference system in VISCOSE has shiny and elegant collection of 320 shades being used by Rug manufacturers Shaggy ...weiterlesen

ART 1331 Cotton

A Unique and complete range of 1331 shades in cotton, split into 11 different trays having maximum range of colors. It is very easy to use due to its easy refence numbers and elegent size of trays. Utility: ARS 1331 color reference system in cotton has a vast veriety of colors usefull for diferent ...weiterlesen

ART 1200 Wool

A complete collection of 1200 shades, split in 10 groups in 5 trays. Every group has 10 different tones and every tone has 12 gradation, which makes it ideal and easy to use fot its user. Utility: ARS 1200 color reference system has maximum ragnge of colors in gradation ARS 1200 color reference system ...weiterlesen

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